How To Be Money-Wise While Staying Alone


Staying away from everybody, alone, can be fun but has its cons also. Being too independent can be problematic. Paying the bills becomes your top priority. Here we dole out some tips that help you in saving money and being money-wise.

Bills – your priority

One of the most important things is your bills and which should be the first on your agenda. Come what may, never delay or skip your rent, electricity bills, telephone and mobile bills, tax payments, etc. keep saving onto money so that you never fall short of it, in paying bills specially. If you think that you’ll pay two months’ bill together next month, don’t forget that there will be a fine added thanks to the delay, plus “double” money vanishing from your wallet the following month. So, isn’t it better that you sort out bills ASAP?

Keep cutting costs

You can choose how and on what you need to scrimp; but it is best to save at least 20-25% of your income. Saving does not ever mean you should turn into a miser, all we mean is you need to find cheaper alternatives. Instead of going out, hang out with your friends at home and cook together, or share a car while going to the office or college, it’s a convenient and an option that can make you save. Sharing portrays a good image of yours, and the savings will be a boon for you.


Say no to shopping pangs!

Sometimes you feel lonely while staying alone for a long time and try to fill that emptiness through shopping sprees. This is not a good idea as you end up spending too much or on not necessary stuff. Follow a simple rule to ensure that you don’t splurge. Hence, shop within your limits or do that when you get a bonus. And try not to deceive yourself into buying an expensive handbag or shoes which you will regret later on.

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