How to be romantic without being cheesy


Romance doesn’t have to make you feel uncomfortable or cringe. When you are new in love, even the cheesiest of gestures can feel so romantic. But as the relationship ages, awkwardness starts to creep in and the lousy ‘you complete me’ dialogues start to diminish. At times like these it is important to keep the love alive with elegance. It is important to keep things simple. Here are a few tips on how to be romantic without being cheesy:


Give your attention

When you are out with your partner, be sure never to ignore, especially in the presence of others. Just because you are having an interesting conversation with others doesn’t mean you have to neglect your partner. Instead, involve your partner and make them feel like they are the centre of your world.

Talk about feelings 

Talk about how your day went and how you feel. Ask him/her how they feel about certain issues that concern you two. Bring feelings into the picture. Speak about how important he/she is to you and how you missed him/her. Nothing makes them feel more needed.

Take breaks often

Make it a point to take him/her out on vacation more often. If you are leading a busy life try to take him/her out and rekindle the togetherness you experienced when you both first went out.

Do things together

Be it even the most trivial thing in the world like shopping for goldfish, take him/her out along with you. Nothing spices up a relationship like time together. Play games, meet friends together; make him/her feel he/she is a significant part of your life.

Create memories

Sometimes, doing things out of the blue just to make him/her remember the moment goes a long way to create amazing memories. Remind him/her of the times you both spent and how you did something peculiar that is impossible to forget.


Use these basic tips to brighten your relationship! You will not regret spending time on these minor adjustments which will eventually bring in substantial improvements in your love life!

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