How To Choose The Perfect Gift


Unlike general assumptions, choosing the perfect gift is more complicated than it seems. It is important to know your relationship with the person and understand his interests, likes and dislikes to narrow down to a suitable gift. You cannot randomly buy something that only you like. By doing so, you are giving a clear picture of how much you know about the other person. You obviously cannot gift a Christmas bell on New Year’s. So, first define the occasion; by doing so you are thinning down the possible options.

While many people find it difficult to zero in on the appropriate gift for a person, others simply forget to exchange one. My friends and I have made a pact to exchange gifts on various occasions, and many a times, I end up being the only one who conforms. Sharing gifts is double joy – to the giver as well as the receiver. Everyone should indulge in the habit of giving gifts on occasions as it is a way of showing love and acknowledging the other person’s presence in your life. In this way, the feeling of being loved becomes mutual.

Be it to compensate on a fight or to celebrate years of togetherness, you don’t really need a reason to gift something to your loved one.

For people who find it difficult to make the right choice when it comes to gifting, here’s our help.

Hints! They are everywhere


If you got the hint, buy the gift and wrap it immediately

If your close one’s birthday is nearing, watch out for the hints. It is normal for people to expect gifts on occasions. Therefore, we tend to leave hints in conversations. For example, while you are shopping, your friend might like a pair of boots but might not end up buying it. Throughout the day, she might regret her chance of purchasing that particular pair of footwear. There you go! That’s the hint. If your budget permits, drop her off at her place and rush back to the shop to gift wrap the boots. Else, wait for the next hint.

Is it of any use?


Ensure that what you’re buying will be of use to the person

When you are planning on buying a gift, put yourself in the receiver’s shoes by asking yourself these questions: Do I like it? Will I use it frequently? Is it worth showing off in public? When you honestly answer these questions, you will know whether the product is worthy of a gift or not.

It’s all about creativity


Spend some extra time to make a worthy handmade gift


Gifts need not necessarily be materialistic; you can use your talents to make a creative gift. If you are an artist, paint or draw a handmade card for the person. If the person loves music, get him/her concert tickets as a gift. Also, you can write a letter to gift your close ones. Letters are personal and can reach a person’s heart sooner than materials. You can also record a verbal message or a video on a CD or a pen drive and gift it.

You can choose any kind of gift; provided it reflects the person you are giving it to and at the same time, something that shows your style.

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