How To Cure A Bloated Belly By Not Doing Anything!


A bloated belly not only looks bad but also causes physical discomfort. But here’s some good news for those dealing with a bloated belly and wind, you can avoid it, but if I’m a bit too late to inform you on that one, you needn’t worry. Beat the bloat with this amazing recipe for anti-bloat water.

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Before I begin, remember that drinking just this water may not suffice, you need more water. However, eight glasses of water a day is a generic rule and your body’s requirement may vary. But eight is a good number; you can consume more but don’t consume less water.

Here’s how you can cure a bloated belly by not doing anything and still getting rid of the gassiness! 

This yummy de-bloat water recipe works for all gas-related problems

This yummy de-bloat water recipe works for all gas-related problems


2 liters water

1 tsp fresh grated ginger

1 cucumber peeled, thinly sliced

12 mint leaves (pudina)

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Method: In a large jug, fill 2 liters of water and toss the remaining ingredients in. Give it a good stir or cover and shake. Refrigerate this overnight and strain before consuming.

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And that’s it! No more belching, farting, or feeling gassy. This de-bloat water will take care of any and every symptom that a bloated belly brings with itself. This recipe will also improve your overall well-being, so it is absolutely alright if you want to drink it every day. It is rather refreshing!

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