How To Deal With A Sexless Relationship


Sexless Relationship

Now here we’re not talking about sex taking a backseat in your relationship after the initial phase of wild love-making is over. Sexless relationships are those where there is absolutely no physical contact for months at a stretch and no hope for any improvement! Now we understand that some people have an inherent low sex drive, but going sexless is almost the end of the world

You can certainly walk out of such a relationship, but your love does deserve a chance. Plus, things complicate further if it’s a marriage. So, here’s how you can deal with a sexless relationship.

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- The first step that you need to take towards mending your troubled relations is to find out the cause behind the lack of sex. Is it because you both have a hectic lifestyle or are some medical problems? Has the relationship lost its spark or are there chances of infidelity? Only when you ascertain the hurdles, can you work towards crossing them.

- Experts say that couples who have had an arranged marriage are most prone to going sexless ‘coz of the lack of transparency. If such is the case, you need to talk about sex freely with your partner. Communication is the only way you can bridge the gap between your bodies. Take the help of a counsellor if you feel the need.

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- The best way to get things rolling in such a lack-lustre relationship is to go out on a romantic weekend getaway.  A break from your stressful monotonous lives will not only help you to unwind but will also give you opportunities to rekindle the lost spark.

- We know you might be sexually frustrated but don’t give in to aggression and violence. Begin the journey towards pleasure with small steps – like holding hands and hugging. Once romance enters your bond, desire and sensuality will follow suit.

- Lastly, if none of the above works, you need to make the ultimate decision. If you choose your partner over your physical needs, let love conquer all the differences. If not, then it’s probably time that you come to terms with the reality.

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