How to deal with people who complain all the time


Everyone has that one friend who can go on and on about the problems in his life. You have always been able to put up with it because he is a friend, but there comes a time when you are saturated and try to avoid him and his negativity. Here are a few tips to deal with such people without being too direct and insulting:


Change the topic

When the complaining becomes endless and chronic, you must learn the art of changing the topic subtly. Learn to make a slight deviation in the conversation and make him interested in the new topic you have brought up.


When the complaining becomes unceasing, a good way to cut off the conversation is by reassurance. Tell him that you get what he is saying. Reassure him that these things happen and he needs to get over it. This way you give him a positive push which may draw out negativity for the moment.

Set limits

If you come across a person who is perpetually the complaining types, try and make it a point to set time limits when talking to him. Tell him that you can talk over the phone for only a few minutes or you can meet him for half an hour only.

And last resort involves -


If all your methods have failed, then it is conspicuous that you should avoid him. Too much negativity from a person like this can hamper your mentality as well. Staying away from him may also make him realise what he has been doing wrong. This may prompt him to change his ways.


Try to be the good friend for as long as you can, but if the complaining doesn’t cease, then adverse measures are required. Follow these easy steps to handle your ‘complaint box’ friend!

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