How To Deal With Rejection On Valentine’s Day


Okay, that’s enough! Enough of getting all mushy about Valentine’s Day. Wonder why am I being so negative? It’s because Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers and promises but also about broken hearts and flattened wallets. That’s quite a heavy burden to bear with if you spent a huge amount of energy, time (and money) to surprise or propose to a girl (or guy) and ended up getting rejected.

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Yes, my friends, research has shown that the breakup rates are around 30 to 40 percent higher on Valentine’s Day than on any other given day. Thankfully, this bleak trend was found among those couples who were already going downhill. But if you happen to be in a situation that calls for facing a break up or rejection today, then worry not. Here are some fool proof ways to deal with rejection on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re the sulky type or you believe in ‘life goes on’ these tips to get over a heart-ache will surely work!

Eat ice-cream and watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. You’ll relate to the whole movie!

Eat ice cream

Or eat your favourite flavor of ice-cream and devour its taste completely; after all, YOLO!


Call your besties over and crib to them about how he or she is such a sucky person!

Call your friend over and crib

Or call your besties over and have a house party… err, provided they aren’t busy with their own Valentine. Oops! ;)


Go to a pub and drink like a pig; all alone or probably with your cat…

Drink at a pub

Or go to a pub, have a few drinks and pick a date ;)

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Watch a movie like MSG; the headache you get will make you forget the heart ache

MSG poster, deal with rejection on Valentine's Day,

Or watch MSG with your best friends; you’ll definitely end up with your stomach hurting due to too much laughing!


Go through your old pictures together or your chats and cry.

Chats, deal with rejection on Valentine's Day,

Or delete her/his pictures and chats from your phone and start afresh!

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