How to deal with your teenager who is in love


Most parents have a similar reaction when they realise their teen has fallen in love – terror! Well, the fact of the matter is, terror(!) should be your reaction if your teen doesn’t fall in love! If that is the case then there is something seriously wrong with him/her. So if you have a sibling, or son/daughter who has fallen in love, you must know how to deal with it delicately, since hormonal changes are giving them a hard time already.

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Here are tips on how to deal with a teenager who has fallen in love.

It is normal!

Remember your teenage years? Remember the tiny-winy crushes that you had but you didn’t take seriously? Well, times have changed, and teenage life has become more open-minded. Being in a relationship is something almost every teen finds normal and you shouldn’t low-down on your teen just because he/she is like most others.

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Explain boundaries

Explain Boundaries to your teen

Explain boundaries to your teen

When you set a boundary for a teenager, it is only relevant that you explain why. Nobody likes an illogical boundary and your teen is smart enough to understand why if you explain well.

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Be approachable

Be approachable

Be approachable

Your teen wants to talk to someone, and if you aren’t there, he/she may end up confiding in someone who wouldn’t have the right experience. Be approachable for your teen and make sure you aren’t all preachy because they really don’t have the patience for that.

Control yourself

You may feel a number of things as your teenager falls in love. They’ve grown up, they could cross their boundaries, they could experience breakup – all these things will come across your mind when you hear about your teen falling in love. Well, your teenager really doesn’t want to hear any of that negativity, nor would anyone else. The hormonal changes they experience is pressure enough and they wouldn’t want to be troubled with all this negativity.

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Make things open

Encourage your teen to see his/her companion at home. This could make things perfect and there will be no hiding of feelings and insecurities.


Explain responsibility for their actions

Explain responsibility for their actions

Make sure your teen knows that he/she is responsible for their actions. This way you leave him/her accountable for what they do and they will think well before making decisions.

This is a delicate time for your teen and wrong guidance can set their lives in disarray. Make sure you, as a parent or a sibling, are there for them.

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