How to develop a strong mother-daughter relationship


For all you mothers out there, with daughters who you have big plans for, you must forge a strong bond with them so that you can inculcate the good values that you have planned. Let us analyse and look at ways in which you can strengthen this mother-daughter relationship.

Do things together with your daughter

Do things together with your daughter

Set aside time for her

Do things with your daughter. Spending time with her will let her know you are her friend and not just a ‘take care maid’ that most mothers are, in actuality. Find a day of the week when you can do something fun with her and get to know her better.

Know your daughter’s likes

Learn to understand your daughter and her personality traits. Knowing her likes and dislikes will even make conversation more free-flowing and not fake. Be a friend to your daughter before she can go ahead and find friends who may not always be right.

Take her shopping

All girls love shopping. As mothers too, shopping is a fun activity to do. Why not take her out shopping often even if you have to get a t-shirt for dad. Taking her out shopping will let you know her choice and you can spend valuable time with her as well.

Help her with schoolwork

Do not neglect her school work. She doesn’t always need another teacher at home, but you can help her with her work to make sure she’s progressing well in her studies.

Cook together

Cooking is one important aspect of a woman’s life. Most proposals today ask if the woman can cook. Although it is not a must, you can surely imbibe this practice of cooking by making it a fun do-it-together activity. She will automatically love doing it with you. Let her help you while you cook, it shouldn’t be something she doesn’t like.

Talk and listen

Hear her out when she talks to you. Tell her what you expect from her. Tell her stories that she’d want to hear. This way you can fuse a solid relationship where she can share whatever she feels like with you without the fear of anything.

Share experiences with her

Share experiences with her

A mother can be a great emotional support for a growing girl. Most women who haven’t had great relationships with their mothers have inclined towards negative influences. Be there for your daughter and she will make you proud one day.

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