How To Do A Budget-Friendly Glamorous Photoshoot At Home


Today, everything’s about social media! You want to share your prettiest photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, and enjoy being showered with compliments. And for that you need to shoot flattering photos, right? It’s time to move beyond the hand-showing selfies and do a glamorous photoshoot at home yourself! And if you’re someone who’s got some glamorous career dreams, this guide will surely help you! And hey, who wouldn’t want to have great flattering photos to look at when you’re old and wrinkled? So, go ahead, equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to look sexy, flattering and glamorous in photos, within budget!

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A DIY photo-shoot is very easy if you've got the right

A DIY photo-shoot is very easy if you’ve got the right tools

Get your stuff ready

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  • Firstly, you must have the right equipment to click your photos. No, you don’t need to purchase a high definition camera but if you already have a DSLR then well and good. If not, then any camera with a good 5 MP resolution (or more) would do. You can even use the camera in your smart-phone or tablet!
  • Next, in order to do a glamorous photoshoot at home, your camera will need lots of memory space. Install a memory card so that you can click as many pictures as you like and then select the best ones among them.
  • If using a smart-phone or a tablet, and you don’t have someone to click your pictures, know that your camera must have a timer. If you don’t have it, you can get it installed.
  • If you want, you can arrange for other equipment like a posing stool and a small pedestal fan. Other than this, you’ll need cosmetics and hairstyling products, glamorous clothes, footwear and accessories. Ask for help from a friend or two; if you know someone who is good at photography, let them help you take your shots. If a friend is neat with makeup, have her do yours.
Glamorous Photoshoot - If you don't want to shoot indoors, then find a great backdrop outside!

If you don’t want to shoot indoors, then find a great backdrop outside!

Go on a recce

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  • Furthermore, your shoot location also makes a difference in how your pictures turn out to be. Find two or three locations for the shoot. If your house has interesting places that could make for great backgrounds you can even shoot a few pictures at those places provided there is ample light there.
  • An important tip is that your background shouldn’t look too busy. Try shooting your photos in a place where nothing much is going on in the background so that the focus will be entirely on you.
  • If you can’t find a suitable background in your house, you can neatly hang a sheet on a plain wall and use it as a background.
  • Having enough light where you carry out your photo-shoot is vital else it would make you look dark.
  • Aim for soft lighting that can help you create strategic shadows and add mystery and sexiness to your photos.
  • If you do not want to have the photo-shoot indoors you can also have it outdoors. Your backyard or a small garden near your place could make for a nice backdrop.
  • When shooting outdoors, do so early in the morning or close to sunset as the soft natural light will be flattering.
Choose your outfits carefully; bold colours look better on camera

Choose your outfits carefully; bold colours look better on camera

Outfit and accessories, hair and makeup

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  • Pick out sexy outfits or dresses that would flatter your body. Go for solid coloured pieces as they would bring the focus to your face.
  • If you’re wearing printed outfits, keep your accessories to a bare minimum or don’t wear any.
  • Get a glamorous hairstyle that looks good on you. Experiment with a few different styles and check in your camera how it looks on you. You could go for soft waves or curls if you have a slim face or choose to flat iron your hair if you have baby fat on your cheeks. Set your hair with spray so that your hairstyle lasts longer.

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  • Make sure your makeup emphasizes your eyes. Remember that makeup for photography is a bit different and you need a heavy coverage so that your face registers well on camera.
  • Line your eyes with liquid or gel liner and wear false lashes with mascara to brighten up your eyes, you can apply eye shadow to give a sexy heavy-lidded effect.
  • However, don’t go over the top with the blush. Just a hint of rosy glow is enough.
  • Opt for nude or nude-pink lips and add a touch of gloss to make your lips look plump and luscious. And you’re all set to start the shoot!
Glamorous Photoshoot  - It doesn't take much to do a fabulous magazine-cover worthy photo-shoot yourself!

It doesn’t take much to do a fabulous magazine worthy photo-shoot yourself!


  • While taking pictures, make sure that light shines on you and not completely behind you. Having the light at a certain angle is all right as long as your face and key features are clearly visible and in focus.
  • Observe your location and match your poses and expressions to its mood.
  • Point your chin down slightly so that your face looks slimmer and keep your mouth ever-so-slightly open so that you can pull off a sexy open-mouthed look.
Glamorous Photoshoot - Megan Fox can teach you a lesson or two about looking sexy effortlessly!

Megan Fox can teach you a lesson or two about looking sexy effortlessly!

  • Angle the camera a little above your eye-level so that you look higher and there’s a little bit of white under your irises. It will make your eyes appear brighter. You can even skip lining your lower waterline to make your eyes appear bigger or use white liner.
  • It would help if you put a large mirror behind your camera so that you can see how you look. However, don’t forget to look straight into the camera or on top of the camera-lens in time for your photo.
  • Set the timer on your camera so that it takes multiple shots at a time with a few seconds gap in between so you can reposition yourself and be ready for the next shot.
  • And finally, don’t forget to smile!

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