How To Drive Your Woman Wild Over Your Scent


It’s true! If you smell good you’ll be more desirable to the fairer sex. And if you ask women directly, they’ll tell you there are but few rules that you need to follow to gain her attention. But don’t get all worked up boys, there’s no compulsion that you can’t wear a summer scent in winter. But if you want to tickle the senses of your woman you may want to pick a select few scents that will make her go crazy for you. Keep reading for top 10 perfumes for men, and tips and on how to drive her wild…

Women go crazy over men who smell good

Women go crazy over men who smell good

Women seem to like warm scents just so that they can cozy up to you. If your woman likes warm scents too, then you need to use terms like rich notes, dark scents, woody, amber, spicy and musky. A good example would be Greene Street by Etro.

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If you’re an outdoorsy guy who wouldn’t like to compromise on your own taste too much, then you need to strike the right balance between your and your lady’s choices. Try a mix of Indian and Mexican fragrances that are sweet yet not too fruity, warm yet not too overbearing like John Varvatos Artisan. Look for a scent that has a warm basic and a sweet bouquet (Are you with me yet? No? Read this article to better understand the various notes in a perfume.)

Try a fresh crisp fragrance that would definitely make her go wild, like the Guess Seductive Homme Blue

Try a fresh crisp fragrance that would definitely make her go wild, like the Guess Seductive Homme Blue

Want to seduce her tonight? You need a crisp fragrance that is woody and seductive like the Guess Seductive Homme Blue. It has a woody-musky scent with a hint of black pepper to amp up your masculinity that makes her go weak in the knees.

Another specific scent that women prefer on men is one that has a spicy high note. The scent makes you think of a powerful, professional guy who is a total romantic at heart. Ralph Lauren has a good range of spicy scents.

Make her go weak in the knees for you, with Guilty by Gucci

Make her go weak in the knees for you, with Guilty by Gucci

Does your woman like to get wet and wild? Then she may like a scent that contains a strong patchouli herb, along with some cedar and sandalwood which give it a wild amber touch. Guilty by Gucci is just what you need; the perfume has a manly feel to it which will surely guarantee you a great time.

Dolce and Gabbana pour homme is another classic fragrance with a lot of sex appeal in all notes. The French lavender mixed with herbs and spices like sage and pepper give it a tender scent.

Women also prefer athletic citrusy smells, so look for something that smells like pine, citrus fruits, with hints of cashmere wood, leather, etc. David Beckham’s signature scent would be the best bet.

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You may also try something that’s earthy and exotic like Issey Miyake L. This one had to make it to this list of top 10 perfumes for men. An adventurous yet ‘down-to-earth’ guy would wear this scent. It smells of bergamot and grapefruit and your lady will definitely pick up the vibe.

Rouge Lacoste for men

Rouge by Lacoste is a bold and refreshing fragrance for men

Calling all bad boys! Bring a little naughtiness to those cold winter nights with Rouge by Lacoste. Bold yet refreshing, this fragrance perfectly balances a burst of citrus top notes, followed by spicy hits of black pepper and ginger.

Play with your woman’s senses by wearing contrasting scents. Bittersweet fragrances will immediately spark a woman’s interest. Try the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible; it is velvety yet sparkling, with a touch of amber note in the basic.

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