How to effectively manage your time


In today’s busy world, 24 hours doesn’t seem enough. Even if God gave us 28 hours, we’d grumble. Well, if we managed to tabulate and set priorities right, then I guess 22 hours would be enough. Let us look at ways in which we can manage time effectively.

Time is money in todays busy world

Time is money in today’s busy world


Sometimes, we do things like a headless chicken. What we really need to do is plan things before we do them. Determine how long a task will take and plan accordingly. Determine what you have to do for the day and set aside a good schedule.

Prioritise tasks

Prioritising is of major importance in today’s world where dumping work on people to cut costs has become a trend. If work is piled up on you, what you need to do is recognise important tasks and do them with all your mind and strength rather than wasting your time on less important tasks.

Leave space for flexibility

Do not work like a machine. There’s a reason why man still is preferred over machines. If your authorities have hired you over a machine, realise that they value your intelligence and creativity and are willing to compromise on work output compared to a machine.

Maintain a vision

Set goals for yourself to achieve, be it hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly or monthly. Visualize where you’d want to be at the end of a timeframe. What work will you want done and what skills would you want sharpened.

Don’t overload

Let your work be focused on quality and not quantity

Let your work be focused on quality and not quantity

There is a thin line between being an escapist and refraining from overload of work. Learn to refuse something that you cannot achieve. If you take too much of work upon yourself, the pressure to complete it will compromise on quality and then time management makes no sense.

Time management is of utmost importance in today’s world. Getting your eight hours of sleep will also enable you to make good use of your time. Quality is appreciated over quantity in most scenarios. So make sure your work output is quality!

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