How to effectively teach respect to kids


Expecting kids to naturally be respectful in nature is unreasonable. It must be inculcated. You must be able to maintain an atmosphere of respect from the outset in order to expect kids to respectful by nature. Here are a few pointers to help you teach such behaviour to kids:


Teach polite responses

Kids must be taught to answer their peers and elders in a polite manner. They must be taught terms and phrases that can be said in certain situations. If they respond based on what they see from school and friends, it may not always be respectful. It is your duty to inculcate some appropriate values in kids.

Demonstrate respectful behaviour yourself

Kids are like sponge; they absorb values and morals based on what they see. If you aren’t respectful around them then you cannot expect them to have such behaviour intrinsically. Be a role model to kids.

Avoid over-reacting

If a child says something disrespectful, try not to over-react, instead teach the child the right thing to say and explain why it is important to be respectful while speaking.

Define boundaries

Make sure you mention what you expect from kids. Make them understand the boundaries you have set that they must stay in. If you define it appropriately then there is a higher possibility that they may try and stay within it to ensure that they don’t displease you.

Praise respectful behaviour

The best way to make your child respectful is to award respectful behaviour every time he/she maintains it. Children respond well to positive appreciation. If you reward them every time they do something right, they will be consistent in doing it.

Expect disagreements

Sometimes, difference in opinion can occur. At such times try not to argue with kids and be harsh, instead explain to them how they could put their point across more respectfully.


If you can follow these pointers well, you can expect your kids to be respectful and make you proud!

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