How To Escape From An Extremely Sticky Situation


There are times when you get into pretty sticky situations and you don’t know how to get yourself out of it. At times you think you can solve the problem but you just end up doing even more damage to that particular situation.

Here are 8 ways that we have listed on how you can get yourself or anyone else out of any sticky situation.

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  • Make sure you know a little about the opposite party’s background before speaking to them (i.e. find out from someone who has dealt with that person in the past and learn their mannerisms).
  • Try to flatter the person, but don’t go overboard. Light compliments might help you, but over-the-top compliments will make you look like you’re trying too hard. Make sure that the person you are talking to will appreciate light compliments – trying to flatter a person who is very angry or upset will get you nowhere.
If you encounter a sticky situation in public, you must be even more cautious in talking and sorting it out

If you encounter a sticky situation in public, you must be even more cautious in talking and sorting it out

  • Say your points. The points and the statements that you use should make sense and more importantly should be convincing. The only way you can get out of that particular situation is you make sure that the other person trusts you completely with whatever you say.
  • Before you decide to tell the story, run it in your head to make sure there aren’t any mistakes in what you are about to say. Also anticipate the response you’re going to get from the story you just made up. A vital part of advice: make sure your story sounds realistic and consistent.

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  • At any point of time when you’re narrating your incident, make sure you don’t fidget, stammer, bite your lip or show guilt anywhere on your face. Because if the other party finds out, you’re definitely heading for trouble.
  • Not even by mistake should you crack a joke, you may think it will lighten the situation but it will only make things worse for you. If you want to get yourself into trouble just for the thrill, then go ahead.
  • Always try and talk your way out of the problem by saying, “You should talk to (name some other friend’s name) and you’ll know I would never do [the problem]” if you have a backup story or background, you can win the argument.
  • When you lie, always make sure you can back up those lies. Because if you can’t, then you’ll obviously land yourself in another sticky situation.
Playing the blame game will not solve the sticky situation you've landed yourself in

ARguing or playing the blame game will not solve the sticky situation you’ve landed yourself in

  • Never try to argue your way out of a sticky situation. If you’re truthful you don’t need to raise your voice. You’ll only convince the other person that it was indeed your fault in the first place.

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It may be a little difficult at first to master all these points, but with constant practice and effort you’ll definitely be a pro at it. You may never know, a new way to getting out of a sticky situation might be invented by you. So keep your spirits high and try try till you succeed.

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