How To Get A Good Clean Shave Without Razor Burn


There is nothing like a good clean shave to start off your day; right, boys? Most of you might agree with me when I say, a clean shaven face leaves a far better impression with potential clients and lady friends. But unfortunately, many men continue to walk the earth with a nasty side-effect of improper shaving – the razor burn. Not to mention the terrible itchy feeling all along the first few days.

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But razor burn is not all that a bad shave gives you. For worse, it gives you a terrible, spotty, bumpy, inflamed look that is nowhere near sexy. I’m sure you’re saying, “I need to do something about this goddamn razor burn”. Well, fret not; I’m here with the solution already, and here it is:

Razor Burn in its mildest form looks like this

Razor burn in its mildest form looks like this

In its mildest form, razor burn can be slightly itchy and create a noticeable red rash on your face and neck; but if it gets severe, it can also result in a condition called as ‘razor bumps’. Razor bumps are actually a side-effect of ingrown hair (click here to get rid of ingrown hair). This happens when your skin is really dry and sensitive. The solution? Moisturizing!

Moisturize your face after shaving

Moisturize your face after shaving

A nice, soft beard can be removed far more easily than one that’s rough and prickly. Hence, it’s best to shave immediately after a hot shower, when your facial hair is moist and soft. Moisturize your beard by using a good foaming gel or shaving cream. Let it sit on your face for 10 seconds and then start shaving.

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The type of brush you use to lather up your beard is also important. Use a badger brush that helps to evenly spread the moisturizing lather to each and every strand of hair on your face. This helps soften it further and makes shaving easier.

A badger brush is an essential for a good clean shave

A badger brush is an essential for a good, clean shave

Even though some people swear by 5-blade razors, they’re not exactly healthy for your skin. Use safety razors which provide the same result and leave your skin soft. Shaving with a safety razor will also eliminate any skin irritation to give your face a clean, healthy look.

Technique is the most important aspect of shaving. You cannot expect a good shave if you use the wrong technique. Use lighter and shorter strokes and avoid applying too much pressure on the razor. Clean the blade with alcohol after every stroke. Once you’re done, wash your face with cold water.

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If you’re thinking this is all you need to do then you’re definite wrong. Following a good, clean shave with some TLC is more than necessary! Exfoliation is not just for your girl; so get some gentle hydrating exfoliant and scrub your face gently with it for 30 seconds. Wash off and pat dry. Apply a good after shave splash and a dash of moisturizer (you can get one that smells like your after shave). And now you are pretty much done. Follow these steps every time you shave and notice the drastic effects within a month!

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