How to get dressed for your children’s wedding


Your child’s wedding day is not just about rituals and a start of new life; it is about the unity of two new families as well. As the mother of the bride/bridegroom, it is important for you to dress up particularly well on this auspicious occasion.

Getting ready for the wedding is not as easy as just getting a sari, you need to pair it up with appropriate ornaments and wear a big smile as well. More than anything, it is important that the outfit should suit you well. Weddings are usually planned well in advance. So, as the mother of the bride/groom, you have enough time to hunt for the right outfit that can make you look stunning, after the bride (let’s not steal the thunder, it’s her day after all).

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the best outfit for the wedding:


First understand the theme of the wedding and do some research to know what colour options can suit it well. Then, narrow down to one colour by striking out the others that do not complement your skin tone or suit your interests.

By wearing a blouse with puffed up hands does not mean you are old-fashioned. So, don’t obligate yourself to follow the recent trends while choosing your outfit. Purchase the one that suits you best. If you have chicken wings, it is best to avoid sleeveless or puffed up blouses. Try out patterns, fabrics and styles that will complement your body type.


Don’t take the liberty of buying an outfit that does not favour your cultural norms. Indian weddings commonly prefer the mothers to wear saris. So, stick to your cultural background, lest you become the talk of the town. Most importantly, make sure your outfit colour/pattern does not clash with the bride’s. Don’t mess with her day.

Buy appropriate jewellery, clutch and footwear only after you pick the outfit.


As the mother of the bride/groom, you will have several rituals to perform, therefore make sure that you are comfortable in the footwear you choose to wear on the day of the wedding. It is important to wear something that you are comfortable in while doing all the running around.

Lastly, inform the family-in-law about the pattern and colour choice of your attire for the wedding day by initiating casual talks, lest both the mothers end up getting embarrassed for wearing similar coloured outfits.


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