How to get ready for work in the monsoon?


So it is finally June, and that means lesser sunshine and lesser heat. Not to forget the sticky wetness and the erratic rains. Another thing that the monsoon brings with it is wet pants, horribly ruined hair and not-at-all presentable clothes to walk into your workplace.


Everybody around me is already cribbing and wondering how to look professional and presentable at work, when the rains are playing spoilsport. Luckily, we have a few tips.

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The trick is to wear appropriate attire; wear ankle length pants to work when travelling in the rains. This will keep the cuffs and the hems of your pants from getting soaking wet.


Rainy gum boots

Rainy gum boots

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Carry your shoes to work in a bag. Invest in good rainy gum boots but not the kiddie kinds. Remember, rain boots are not office-appropriate; so either keep a good pair of formal shoes under your desk or simply carry them with you to change into afterwards.


Raincoats are a must-have in the monsoons

Raincoats are a must-have in the monsoons

Buy a good, long rain coat that covers your knees so you’ll be relatively drier. Also make sure it has a hood and is made of thick water resistant material.

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Bad hair days will turn up everyday in the rains, so it’s best to opt for simple hair dos that will not make you look like a wet rat. Girls can try to tie their hair up in a bun or a high ponytail, while guys can think of getting a sailor cut or maintaining a short crop for the monsoons.


Invest in a sturdy umbrella for the rains

Invest in a sturdy umbrella for the rains

Only a raincoat is never enough. Invest in a sturdy umbrella that won’t fall apart with the first gust of wind.

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Also, shop for proper rain friendly clothes well in advance. Cottons are a no-no, so say yes to nylons. If you live far away from your work place then you can consider carrying your clothes to work and changing in the restroom (provided your workplace has a roomy one).

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