How to get rid of cockroaches


Roaches in the house are a huge pestering issue. Anything that creeps and crawls and at times flies around the house is a huge no-no. Once cockroaches make themselves comfortable in your once humble abode, they do not let it remain humble anymore. The unwanted guests snack on your food, damage your wallpaper and have night-outs in your bookshelves! Not to forget the germs they spread to us smarter beings. Our houses need to be extricated from these nocturnal creatures. But how can we do that without using the toxic chemicals? Thankfully, there are solutions.

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Cockroach bait:

Household cockroach bait is a non-toxic childproof method of ridding the house of roaches. The trick is to mix slow-working poison with some attractive cockroach-food. The roaches eat the poison and bring it back to their nest, where it eventually kills all the other roaches.

Cockroaches love flour, so mix some flour and sugar with boric powder available at any general utility store and make your homemade roach-bait. Place the bait in an area where you’re sure the cockroaches will encounter it; for instance, baseboards, under the sink, wardrobes, and in corners. It should be as close to the nest as possible, so that multiple cockroaches will eat it, so you need to find out where is the nest located.

Killing roaches using this method can be slow but it is fool-proof. Once the first generation of cockroaches is killed, their eggs will hatch and more cockroaches will have to be poisoned before the nest is gone for good.

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Roach traps:

Homemade cockroach traps are a good solution       to get rid of the pests

Homemade cockroach traps are a good solution to get rid of the pests

You can alternatively try using store-bought roach traps to kill the pests. It usually contains a poisoned adhesive which traps the cockroach in and kills it. If you’re apprehensive about those, then make your own trap. Just cut out an empty plastic soda bottle from the top 1/4th part, invert it on your bottom part of the bottle and fasten it with duct tape; this will act like a funnel. Now put some soapy water in the bottle through the funnel and place it near the cockroaches’ nest. The insects will crawl down the funnel and be trapped in the soapy water. Another one bites the dust…!

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Naphthalene balls:

Naphthalene balls help to keep cockroaches at bay

Naphthalene balls help to keep cockroaches at bay

If you notice that the roaches are entering your house through the bathroom drains or the sink, this tip could be useful for you. Place a few naphthalene balls all around the bathroom, on the drain cage and in the sink. The camphor present in the balls will drive the cockroaches away.

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