How to get rid of uneven skin tone the natural way


I get many questions regarding how to get rid of uneven skin tone and whiten or lighten the skin. While there are hundreds of products that promise to do that in merely a week or two, they are surely harmful for the skin in the long run. Uneven skin tone is probably one of the most common and severe problem and it’s the most important aspect of skin health and beauty. Skin discolouration is usually caused by acne scars and sun damage. Pigmentation of the skin is caused by melanin, and there are ways to reverse its excessive production.

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It is important to know the difference between skin brightening, and whitening (lightening). Whitening of the skin usually means bleaching it and stripping it off the pigmentation causing substance – melanin. But this can be dangerous for the skin as it has many side effects that could be harmful for the skin. As opposed to this, brightening or evening out the skin tone is far more natural and a healthy way to get rid of the uneven skin tone as it breaks down discolouration and helps the melanin to absorb in the body and not rest under the skin. Let’s look at how we can fight skin pigmentation, the natural way.

Balanced diet:

Include milk and vitamin C in your diet for a naturally healthy skin

Include milk and vitamin C in your diet for a naturally healthy skin

Off-the-counter products are quite expensive and do not guarantee results. But going natural is a much safer and efficient way towards evening out the skin. Certain levels in our red blood cells need to be maintained to help balance out the lighter and darker pigments in the blood which in turn gives us brighter skin. And thankfully, vitamin C has been proven to balance out these levels. Vitamin C, when taken regularly in the diet can efficiently brighten the skin. Apart from that, milk is another magic foodstuff that helps tackle discolouration because it contains lactic acid which helps inhibit the production of melanin. Go ahead, enjoy a lavish milk-bath, get a milk-facial done or use it to wash your face every night before sleeping and wake up to naturally bright skin.

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Raw beauty:

Edible raw vegetables may lose their nutrients when cooked, so eat them raw and healthy

Edible raw vegetables may lose their nutrients when cooked, so eat them raw and healthy

Certain foodstuffs must be eaten raw as they contain a lot of healthy vitamins and antioxidants in them which can be destroyed by cooking. Green leafy vegetables like fenugreek leaves, spinach, and lettuce are extremely healthy for the skin and hair. Bulbs and roots like carrots, radishes, beetroot, sweetpotatoes and yams are also a huge source of starch which is a natural bleaching agent and purifies the blood. Berries are not only yummy but also a healthier and more natural version on vitamin C that provides benefits to the skin. Apart from vitamin C they also contain arbutin which lightens the skin in its own way. If you don’t get fresh berries, use herbal and natural products that contain berry extracts as they will work the same way.

Berries are a rich source of arbutin that's known to brighten skin

Berries are a rich source of arbutin that’s known to brighten skin


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Cover up:

Sun protection is a must to keep uneven complexion at bay

Sun protection is a must to keep uneven complexion at bay

The sun may give life to Mother Earth but it’s also the Mother of all skin diseases. While everybody already knows how harmful the sun is and what it can do, here’s a better explanation: The sun has 3 types of rays that are harmful for our skin in their own ways. UVA rays are the most aggressive ones as they penetrate deeply into the skin and cause the body to produce more melanin. UVB rays are known to cause burning and dehydrating the skin which in turn causes wrinkles. The third type of rays are UVC rays, and as you may have guessed, ‘C’ stands for cancer. Yes! That’s how dangerous the UV rays are! The only way to protect yourself is to cover up. Always wear a scarf or a big hat to hide your face and neck from the sun’s rays. Wear sunblock always especially one with triple UV protection and a higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

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In conclusion, if you combine a healthy diet with proper care and protection of your skin, it will help you to gradually but efficiently brighten your skin.

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