How to handle an abusive relationship


Relationships are meant for love and affection, but, when it is shown in a harsh and rude way, it is intolerable. Fear of break up or cheating, and getting overly obsessed with the partner are some of the reasons why people get aggressive and treat their partner in a violent way. Most of the times, victims put up with the torture mainly because they love their partner unconditionally.


Stand up for your own good

But, for how long can a person put up with it? It is not fair to be mute even after your ribs are torn apart. It is proved that women suffer an abusive relationship more than men. If you are silently going through the pain of tolerating the relationship with your man’s obnoxious nature, it is time for you to take a stand. Here are ways that will help you to handle your abusive relationship.

Talk to your partner

Sometimes, men can be abusive without their own knowledge. According to medical science, some men show their possessiveness by treating their partner in a harsh way. Abusive relationship does not involve only verbal shouts; physical and mental abuse is also taken into consideration. When you realise that your man is being very violent towards you, talk to him. It is likely that he is doing it without such an intention.

Give a final notice

If he still continues to physically and emotionally abuse you, give a final notice. Tell him directly that this time you can’t put up with the mental torture that he is giving you. And you make up your mind to be ready to move out if there is no change in his behaviour.

Time to make a decision

It is high time you know whether you want to revive the love or reject the relationship. Whatever is your decision, be firm to follow it. If you are so much in love with your partner that you can’t leave him, induce the same feelings in him for you. There is no point in giving love and receiving torture in return.

Yes, move on

It might be difficult to leave your partner, but weigh the pros and cons of it. If the pros outweigh the cons, it is time for you to pack your stuffs and leave the place. Don’t stay back and lose the little self respect that is still clinging onto you. It may take some time to move on; but if it does good to you, you might as well give it a try.

Talk to your family

If you are in an abusive relationship, it is important for you to have a loud voice. Do not suppress the emotions; it will only suffocate you. Talk to your parents or close friends, whoever you are comfortable in opening up to. Even if they might be unsure of how to react, they can join hands to seek help for your situation.


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