How to have a Bollywood style wedding


Every bride wants a grand wedding that can be the talk of the town. Who wouldn’t fancy helicopters throwing rose petals on the couple as they enter the venue, or perhaps a lavish reception on a beach ala Bollywood movies? Indian weddings are full of bright and fancy colours, holy rituals and other activities that keep the bride and groom engaged. Deciding on a theme for an Indian wedding can be difficult because it is important for the concept to sync well with the culture of the society. Well, in that case, what can be better than having a Bollywood style wedding! This style has lot of colours, grand decors, dazzling performances by fellow family members and of course, the larger-than-life drama!

If you think, Bollywood style is good as your perfect wedding theme, here are some ideas that you can consider to make this grand occasion a success.

Planning the duration


If you are considering on having your wedding in Bollywood style, you might as well opt for a weeklong celebration. If it is difficult for guests and relatives to stay for a week, you can shrink it to three days. If you are a movie buff, you will be aware of the fact that Bollywood weddings last at least for three days; especially in movies directed by Karan Johar. You can allot each day for mehendi function, sangeet, cocktail party, etc accordingly.

Lavish location


You can opt to have your big fat Indian wedding at any international destinations. London and New York are two common places where Indians get married when compared to other international locations. Be it ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ or ‘My Name Is Khan’, many Bollywood films have shot a lot of Indian wedding scenes abroad.

The attire


While the groom can opt for a rich-looking sherwani with an embroidered stole, the bride can either wear lehenga choli or sari. To look like a quintessential Bollywood bride, you can opt to wear your wedding dress in bright colours like orange, pink or red.

The decor


Make the set look grand to show the grand festive like celebration. You can decorate the location with ribbons, drapes of different colours and flowers.

Pre-wedding celebration


Have a pre-wedding celebration recorded without fail. You can play antakshari or have a dance competition between the groom’s and bride’s relatives. You can wear western outfits for your cocktail party or the mehendi function.

Wedding day


And finally, the day has arrived. After two days (or a weeklong) of fun, you wedding day has finally dawned. To maintain the Bollywood theme, avoid shortcuts from rituals. Be prepared to finish all the rituals that your wedding ceremony requires; traditional customs are the landmark of Bollywood weddings, so don’t skip them.

Have a memorable and filmy wedding!


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