How To Hide Your Flaws And Click Flattering Photographs


It is said that photographs speak a thousand words and they are forever. So, for photos which are forever, it might be kind of necessary that they be special. Special enough to make you look outstanding and beautiful. If captured creatively, you might definitely cherish them for the times to come. They can be freely flaunted on all social networking sites. As it is these days sharing photographs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is a trend. It is not only restricted to sharing pictures, but also expecting more likes and comments (read compliments) on them. But, if the pictures turn out to be bad then you might delete them straight away, both from the camera and your memory. So, don’t you want to hide all your flaws and click flattering photographs that you won’t have to delete?

Clicking flattering selfie - hiding flaws

Whether it is a close shot, long shot or a selfie, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while clicking pictures. All you need to be a good photographer is the basic understanding of long and close-up shots, angles and flash-lights. Don’t worry, it is not at all difficult, especially with these interesting tips we have listed down for you.

Many ‘not-so-lean’ people get conscious while being clicked. It is very normal to feel that way. But, no more shying away from the camera you pretty and plump ladies as well as cute and chubby guys. Here are 4 things you should keep in mind when getting photographed:

With the selfie obsession growing fast, each one of us is excited to click one often. Make sure you click the selfie from the top angle; it will make you look taller and leaner.

Chubby girls can pose with a sexy pout, a la Kareena Kapoor, when clicking a selfie or otherwise, as the pout will give your face a flattering contour.

Pout like Kareena Kapoor to highlight your flattering facial contours

Pout like Kareena Kapoor to flatter your facial contours

Girls with heavier arms and thighs should avoid standing straight towards the camera when being photographed. Instead, try standing with your legs crossed and hands resting on your waist. It makes for a sexy and stylish pose, and also cheats the camera for a flattering pic. Also, never capture a photo from a straight angle. It will highlight the stats of your body even more. Instead, click it from a side angle, and you will be amazed with the results.

Notice the difference a good pose, angle and of course, your dress makes?

Notice the difference a good pose, angle and of course, your dress makes?

It is not only the chubbier lot that faces problems when getting photographed, but also the leaner ones. A wrong click can make them look undernourished. I’m sure you don’t want to look unattractively thin, right? So, these 4 simple steps will help you come out as a star when getting photographed:

Ladies, pouting is a strict no-no. It will make you look like a newborn ugly duckling. Instead, smile and smile with all joy in your heart. That happy face will make your face look brighter, broader!

Smile... smile wider... It will make your face look brighter, broader!

Smile… smile wider… It will make your face look brighter, broader!


If you are too tall and thin, do not click a picture from the top angle. A straight angle should really help because it will make you look fuller.

Heavy make-up might also help. It will shift people’s attention from your skinny figure to your face. So, grab some blush and lipstick and do the best you can before getting clicked.

Side poses might also highlight your lean figure making the picture not so appealing. Therefore, avoiding these can do magic.

If you're lean like Anushka Sharma, avoid posing at an angle

If you’re lean like Anushka Sharma, avoid posing at an angle

Hiding physical flaws is one side of the coin and the other is keeping the facial flaws under wraps when in front of the camera. A clear skin is what we all desire, but not many are able to acquire. Therefore, these 2 tips will help you in keeping the facial flaws at bay when playing subject to your camera:

Pictures clicked in natural light enhance your facial beauty. Camera flashlight highlights the blemishes and marks on your face. Lesser the use of flashlights, better the photograph. Also, it will help you avoid the red-eye effect and also the squint that the harsh flashlight brings with it.

In order to shift focus from a particular part of your face when getting clicked, you can emphasize some other part. For example, if you want people to ignore your lips and pay attention to your eyes, enhance them with some eye-shadow, kohl and mascara. On the other hand, you can just apply some kohl to your eyes and use a dark shade of lipstick to call attention to your lips.

Highlight either your eyes or your lips to pull attention away from your lean body

Highlight either your eyes or your lips to pull attention away from your lean body


Keep in mind all these easy yet helpful tips to hide your flaws and click flattering photographs. So, are you ready for your next photo-session already? ;)

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