How To Improve The Quality Of Sleep?


Feeling a lack of creativity? Increased levels of stress? Considerable lapse of concentration? Wondering what could be going wrong? If you answered yes to the above questions, it’s time you get serious.

Inadequate sleep or troubled sleep is the reason behind your lack of peace and productivity. Putting it right is easy. Follow these tips that tell you how to improve the quality of sleep and feel the difference yourself.

Have A Fix Schedule

Fix a sleeping schedule

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

No matter what, create a schedule for your bedtime and wake-up time. Stick to it through hail and storm, holidays and workdays alike. This will help form a consistent cycle, sending signals to your body to rest well during those hours. Resultantly, you sleep peacefully, thus improving the quality of sleep.

Keep A Tab On Your Eating And Drinking Habits

Eat sleep-conducive foods

Do not go to bed starved or stuffed. At the same time, avoid junk or heavy diet.

We have reasons to believe that your eating and drinking habits aren’t sleep-conducive and are hampering the quality of your sleep. If you go to bed starved or stuffed, you are bound to feel distressed. Experts suggest that you should eat light before hitting the sack and avoid heavy or synthetic foods such as Chinese cuisines, carbonated drinks, fried or baked stuff. Stick to home-cooked food and you’ll see just how well you sleep at nights.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

sleep comfortably

Surround yourself with darkness as darkness tells your body it’s time to rest.

Have a place that makes you want to sleep. It should be calm-inducing; something that drives out stress the minute you walk in the room. Avoid using bright shades for your bedroom paint. Also, turn out the lights and keep it dark, as darkness tells your body it’s time to rest. If needed, use ear-plugs to keep background sounds from meddling with the quality of your sleep. It’s non-negotiable that there should be enough space for movement if two or more people are sharing the bed.

Include Physical Activities In Your Daytime Schedule

Include light exercises and physical activities in your daily routine.

Include light exercises and physical activities in your daily routine.

When I was suffering from insomnia, I realized working out helped me better than the pills I was prescribed by my doc. Including light workout and physical activities in your daily routine, will get you exhausted enough to put you to sleep the minute you hit bed. Try it out and you’ll see how well you sleep. However, do ensure you do not indulge in heavy exercises (jogging/aerobics/weight lifting) an hour or two before bedtime; else, you’ll have to count sheep to sleep, since exercise tends to awaken your brain and keep it active for the next few hours.

You do not really have to move boulders to get yourself slumbering at night, if getting proper sleep is an issue. Just try these simple steps to improve the quality of sleep and you’ll find yourself sleeping away to glory, and waking up to blissful mornings.

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