How to keep a personal diary


Many of us are so busy that we do not have the time to connect with ourselves. We don’t give our thoughts much importance, and the only time we introspect for a prolonged period of time is in the bathroom! Well, we must learn to love ourselves and put a price tag on our thoughts and imagination. Value what you think. Understand that you are unique and no one else thinks the way you do.


Making and maintaining a diary is one way in which people put down their thoughts, aspirations and experiences onto paper. It is a good habit to list things down so that you can remember them easily. If you haven’t had the habit of penning your experiences in a diary, this article will help you start, and even maintain it, obviously based on your motivation to do so.

Write some basic information about yourself

When you keep things organised, they seem much more important. Make the first page of your diary a bio data. List details about yourself that people know you by, like your name, your date of birth, your gender and maybe even your address; in case the diary gets lost.

Write your goals for the day, month and year

Make it a habit to enlist your short term goals daily or weekly. When you list your goals, there is a higher possibility of you remembering to reach them.

Maintain a date and time for each entry

Make sure you put in entries along with the date and time so that if you ever have to get back to your entries you will know how you thought at a particular period in your past. In this way, you will realise how you have changed over time. It is a good way to introspect yourself by comparing your past and present.

Write everything you feel like

This is your personal ‘everything’! Do not ever worry about what others will feel if they ever read it. Remember that this is your personal diary and no one should read it but you, unless you allow. Write your frustrations, your schedules, your friends, your likes and dislikes, and every day events. Write whatever you feel like.


Maintaining a personal diary will help motivate yourself to bring change in your life rather than stay the same. You obviously need to move to go to a better place. If you stay the same, then you have no one to blame. Work on your skills, build relationships, and set and reach goals while maintaining your diary and you will see that life is a much sweeter experience.


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