How to know if he is your real soulmate?


Women always fear moving fast in a relationship. Questions like ‘what if it is just infatuation’ or ‘do I really like him’ will pop up in your mind every now and then to either make you feel better or to let you lose your confidence. Sometimes, these thoughts itself can ruin the relationship that is going good; so, worry not. Here are four steps to know if he is really your soul mate or not.

He knows what and how you think


This is not to make you feel creepy in any way. If a guy really likes his girl, he will take the pain of knowing her better. So, he observes your behaviours, mannerisms and other characteristics that define you. Even if you disagree to agree that you are moody, he will know it with just the way you react. In this way, he will be beside you to comfort you through your bad days. If your guy sits with you through your good and bad times, he is your soulmate. Now it’s not creepy, right?

His presence pacifies you


With truck loads of stress hitting you every day from work, family and friends, if his presence is the only solution to get you to smile again; he is your soulmate. When you are doomed or if you are dealing with bad times, all you can think of is to call your boyfriend; it is a sign. Also, if your partner calls you first to share any news, there is no doubt that he is a perfect match for you.

You can confide your darkest secrets in him


If you have reached the stage where you can talk about anything to your guy; and mind you, by anything I mean even the darkest secrets that you haven’t really shared with anyone else, it means you are meant to be together. It is double assurance if your partner not only hears you out, but is also totally okay with the news you confide in him.

He is more than just a partner


If your partner is a friend who can keep your secrets, father who can guide you and a good boyfriend to love you, what else do you need to confirm that he is definitely your soulmate? If you meet a guy who fulfils the above mentioned characteristics, cling on to him because he is the right one for you.

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