How To Make A DIY Warm And Comfortable T-Shirt Blanket!


Most of us are a sentimental about many little things in life. Whether it is a special date, a special place, a birthday present, or a piece of old rag, if there’s even a hint of a fond memory attached to it, we cling to it with our life! I personally am a huge hoarder of lots of inanimate objects that have a sweet, cute, happy, naughty or fun memory related (even remotely so) to it. If you too are like me, that naturally means we have a lot of clothes. I mean, A LOT!

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So what to do when you just can’t chuck away the fond memories of school, base camp, space camp, football club and whatnots? Simple, you turn all your old clothes into a warm, soft, fuzzy and comfortable T-shirt blanket! This is a really awesome way to keep all your special memories (literally) sewn together as one for keepsakes! So let’s get going! 

A T-shirt blanket is a great way to sew all your fond memories together!

A T-shirt blanket is a great way to sew all your fond memories together!

What You’ll Need:

Lots of old T-shirts (you may need 40-45, printed and plain ones)

Fusible interfacing (you’ll get this at a craft or fabric store near you)

Sewing machine (and the help of an adult if you are not savvy with it)

Steam iron (regular iron would do too but steam iron works best)


A lightweight blanket

Fabric for the back

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Make your own DIY T-shirt blanket!

Make your own DIY T-shirt blanket!

If you know basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication), then you’ll easily be able to make a T-shirt blanket with the right supplies. I promise it would be a very special and a meaningful thing for you. You could even gift it to a loved one! Here’s what you need to do.

 Step 1: Make a square template (or rectangle or any shape that you want) out of a large piece of chart paper and use it to cut out all your T-shirts.

Step 2: Then take your interfacing and cut out the template shape from it as well.

Step 3: Now you must iron your T-shirts on the interfacing to ensure it sticks to it well (this will make sure that your T-shirts don’t stretch to much as you sew them). All your T-shirts are ready to be sewn together!

Step 4: Before you sew all your T-shirt pieces together, spread them on the floor of your room to determine the length and breadth of your blanket. Arrange the pieces as you want and number them.

Step 5: Once you have assembled all the pieces together, all that’s left to do is sew, sew, and sew! Your T-shirt blanket top is ready!

Step 6: Now take your old lightweight blanket and place it on the floor (or any work surface you are using, we find that the floor is the best surface to work on since the blanket is large). Place the T-shirt blanket top over it (front side facing up) and ensure the two are equal in length and width. If not you can cut out your old blanket from the side and roughly hem it with your hands. No need to be very precise since the blanket will be sewn together.

Step 7: Next, place the fabric that you have bought for the back of the blanket and place it face down on top of the T-shirt blanket top. This means the top of the T-shirt blanket is touching the face of the back fabric. Use safety pins and straight pins to secure them together all around the edges.

Step 8: Use a sewing machine and sew the T-shirt blanket top, the old lightweight blanket and the back fabric together. Ask an adult to help if you find this step difficult.

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Tada! Your very own, personalized, comfortable T-shirt blanket that would mean so much!

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