How To Make Homemade Makkhan Or Cultured Butter


The auspicious day of Janmashtami is as synonymous with makkhan as it is with Bal Krishna. Indian mythology says that Krishna loved makkhan or butter and would always steal it whenever his mother hid it from him. On this occasion, I thought why not make our own homemade makkhan, which is free of all impurities, to celebrate the purity and innocence of Shri Krishna on his birthday today!

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You only need a few ingredients to make your own makkhan or clarified ghee, the traditional Indian version of homemade butter. There are many ways to make makkhan, but the easiest and the most preferred ways are as follows:

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Method 1:

Homemade makkhan is the best form of carified butter as it is free of any impurities (Img source:

Homemade makkhan is the best form of clarified butter as it is free of any impurities (Img source:

You will need:

One big bowl of milk cream collected daily over a week

Method: Once you have collected enough cream, pour it out in a heavy bottom pan or kadhai and start heating the cream on medium flame while constantly stirring. Notice the cream will start to melt. When all of the cream has melted, lower the flame and continue to cook and stir. You will soon notice that the ghee or makkhan has started to separate from the cream. You must cook the cream until the cream particles become light brown and the ghee is a transparent liquid. Make sure to stir continuously, else the ghee may start burning giving it a yellowish colour. It must be transparent. Once done, turn the flame off and strain the ghee in a thick glass container. Cool it and your homemade ghee is ready!

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Method 2:

Store the homemade makkhan in a glass jar to increase its shelf life. (Img source: mycreative

Store the homemade makkhan in a glass jar to increase its shelf life. (Img source:

You will need:

Milk cream

1 tray of ice cubes

1 big jug of cold water

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Method: Collect the cream of milk that has been boiled and refrigerated. You must have bowlful of cream. Next, churn the cream with the ice-cubes until the cubes melt and the butter and butter milk separate from the mixture. Strain the butter milk and give the butter a good wash with cold water a few times, straining every time and carefully keeping the ball of butter free of any liquid. Now refrigerate this butter overnight. Next day, cook this butter in an uncovered saucepan continuously stirring on medium flame. After 10-15 minutes, strain the mixture and store it in a glass or wooden container. Pure, rich makkhan is ready to eat.

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