How to make time for each other even after having kids


For a couple, it is never easy to allot time for each other after a baby is born. The day-to-day chores double up with extra laundry to do, nutritious food to cook, giving attention to the needs of your baby, repeated cleaning of the house for your child’s hygiene, and what not! In between all this, how is it possible to catch up in the shower or have long pillow talks?

Here are a few ideas that will help you get your ‘couple time’ from all the daily chores even after you have children.


Knock! Knock!

Love begins at the doorstep of your house. When you reach home late after a tiring day, you notice your baby playing in the living room and your wife in the kitchen tending to the chores. The first thing you do is carry your infant in your arms and head straight to the kitchen. Now give a quick kiss to your wife. The tiny smile that you receive for the peck on her cheek is heavenly. To make the act more interesting, kiss your wife on one side of her cheek when your baby does it on the other. Sharing double love is always a special feeling.

Small acts matter

It is not necessary to put your kid to sleep to have some alone time. You can enjoy long showers together; if mornings are rushed, enjoy a romantic shower at night. Indulge in light activities like kissing on the neck while she is cooking or cuddling her when she is tending to the baby. One can never go dry of ideas to feel like a young newlywed couple. Even small things hold value. Prove your love to each other with even the slightest romantic act you can think of.

The night is still young

On weekends, you can either put your children to sleep early or send them off to their grandparents’. If you feel too old and want to revive your love for each other; role play is the best option. Imagine your wife to be someone you just met at the cafe or imagine each other to be batman and his girlfriend. Get into the role and play dirty jokes on each other. This flirty move will revive your love and make you feel younger.

After all, if you don’t put efforts to impress your better half, who else will?



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