How To Measure Your Bra Size At Home Yourself


In a typical Indian society, as a girl grows up, she is taught a lot of things. She’s taught how to take care of delicate garments, how to properly sit/stand and not slouch, how to quickly fix a fashion faux pas and more importantly, how to shop for lingerie. Sadly, however, we were never taught the most important thing, which is how to ‘measure our bra size’. Lingerie giants like Victoria’s Secret always taught us to leave the bra size measurements to the experts which is why most of us (and probably our mothers too) have gone all our lives wearing the same bra size that we started wearing as a teenager. If at all, we only ever went a cup size up or down.

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But guess what? Assuming things like “I’m a 34B; I have always been and will always be” will ruin your health and may even cause serious issues that wearing a wrong bra size can cause! Check out why you should get a bra-sizing done for more information. So make sure you get your bra size measured by a professional, or follow the steps listed below to get an accurate measurement at-home!

  • Firstly, wear your best-fitting bra – one that feels comfortable and doesn’t sag your breasts. Then go and stand in front of a large mirror. If you feel your boobs are drooping or sagging, tighten the bra-band at the back and then shorten the straps on both shoulders to get the perfect fit. Once you are happy and comfortable with the way your bra sits on your bust, proceed to the next step.
  • Grab a soft and pliable measuring tape and wrap it around your rib cage where the bra band rests. Ensure that the measure tape is parallel to the floor and not skewed as that would give you a wrong measurement.
Band size measure bra size,

Band size measure

  • Hold the measure tape taut and clasp it in front of you. Note the measure and write it down. An important thing to note is that your band measurement may not necessarily be the circumference of your torso. An easy way to explain this is if you measured your band and got an odd number, you must round up to the nearest even number. For instance, if you measured your band to be a 33 you’ll need to round up to 34 and write it down as 34.
  • Measuring your bust size is a seriously tricky business; so you might want to pay close attention. Your breasts change size due to many factors like PMS, bloating, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, etc. This is why your cups need to be measured when you know you are at close to true size (preferably after a week or so from the last day of your periods).

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Bend like this while measuring your bust bra size,

Bend like this while measuring your bust

  • Your posture could be a hindrance while measuring your bust size. Try this trick – remove your bra and bend forwards at your waist so that your body forms an inverted ‘L’ shape. Now put on your bra and ensure the cups are snugly resting on your breasts. Take the measure tape and place it straight in a horizontal line on your back. It should be parallel to the floor. Bring the measure tape in front and measure your bust at the fullest point (at the nipples). Ensure that you are getting all the breast tissue in the tape. If you feel uncomfortable in this posture, stand straight with your bra on and measure your bust at the fullest point. Write down the measure.
Bust size meaure, bra size,

Bust size measure

  • Now calculate the cup size from the two measurements that you’ve noted down. All you need to remember is that your cup size is the difference between your band size and the bust size. For instance; if your band size was 33 initially, and you rounded over to 34 and your bust size was 36 at the fullest point; you need to subtract the band size from the bust size (i.e. 36-34 = 2). Since the difference is of 2 inches your cup size will be a ‘B’. Take a look at the table below to determine your cup size according to the difference that you calculated.

Table 1 bra size

Some additional tips:

  • Always ensure that your bra band does not ride up to your shoulder blades. It needs to be parallel to the floor and rest firmly on your rib cage.
  • You should be able to insert only one finger under your bra band from either of the sides or the back. If you can comfortably insert two or more fingers then your bra band is loose.
  • Your shoulder straps should rest comfortably and not cut into your shoulders. If they feel tight or cut into the shoulders, then it means that your breasts are supported by the straps. This is harmful! Your breasts need to be pressed up to the breast bone which is what should support them and not your shoulders or neck.
  • Your cups should fit perfectly on your breasts covering them well. Any spillage would indicate that you need to wear a larger cup-size. If they seem slightly loose or empty, then you’re wearing a size too big and you need to wear a smaller one.
  • Measure your bra size and calculate your cup-size every month to ensure you wear the right bra size.

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So now that you know how to calculate your correct bra size, grab that measure tape and get started!

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