How To Plan A Halloween Party For Your Kids


Halloween is every kid’s favourite festival/holiday. A great excuse for us elders to reminisce our childhood memories, a Halloween party is a must during these holidays. And which kid wouldn’t want another excuse to don their favourite costume once again?! If you are planning to host a Halloween party for your children and their friends, here are some tips to get you started:

For any party to be a success, you need lots and lots of planning. Make a to-do list for your party and include necessary things in it like theme, fun activities, food, menu, etc. Plan everything in advance so that the party goes smooth, and also keep a few back up plans for the ‘just in case’ scenarios.

Also remember since it’s a party for kids, involve them in the planning. No party is fun if the children are not made to feel special. They can help come up with themes or their favourite games, etc.

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Ask your kids what they and their friends like most. This way you know what stuff to pack in the return gift bags.

You can include banana ghosts and mini Minnesota pumpkins in your menu!

You can include banana ghosts and mini Minnesota pumpkins in your menu!

Go spooky with the feast! Make barfing doughnuts by placing a teeth-shaped sweet on the doughnut-mouth and some pumpkin guacamole (click here for recipe), wriggly jello-worms, top your pizza with make-believe eye-balls (made off hard-boiled eggs and barbeque sauce) rather than pepperoni. Kids love things that spark off their imagination.

Carved pumpkins are the perfect decoration idea for Halloween

Carved pumpkins are the perfect decoration idea for Halloween

Decorate your house with Halloween items like carved pumpkins; place a t-light in them for added effect. You can let your kids help you out with the decoration too. Just give them a white sheet to drape over a standing lamp and have them paint a pair of eyes and a mouth on it – Boo! A ghost!

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Woven or crocheted spider webs with toy spiders can also do the trick. At the party, have a host of fun activities like ghost-story telling or explain to your kids why Halloween is celebrated.

Kids love crafty activities too; so let them get creative and make spooky masks out of paper and felt pens.

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Goodie bags are a must for kiddie parties. Throw some plastic spiders and other fun Halloween props like spooky candy and some other edibles and there you have the perfect goodie bag for a Halloween party.

So now you have a go-ahead, move beyond the trick-or-treating and make the holidays more fun and enjoyable for your children. Happy Holidays!

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