How To Polish Silverware


We all have some silver utensils or cutlery that we are proud to show off to our guests. Clean and shiny silverware looks beautiful and makes all the difference when serving guests in it. However, somewhere between storing the silver and using it for special occasions, there comes a point when it loses its sheen and becomes tarnished. And cleaning or polishing tarnished silver is a task most homeowners keep for “later”. In India, people think about polishing their silverware only when preparing for holiday events or auspicious festivals. But when it comes down to polishing silverware, there’s a choice to be made whether to use store-bought silver polish or stick to natural and safer home remedies. For those of us who prefer using home remedies  to polish silverware, here are a few:

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Polishing tarnished silver is a daunting task everyone puts off for the last minute

Polishing tarnished silver is a daunting task everyone puts off for the last minute

Baking soda:

½ cup baking soda

½ cup table salt

Boiling water

Baking soda is extremely effective in polishing tarnished silver

Baking soda is extremely effective in polishing tarnished silver

Simply add a cup of boiling water to equal measures of baking soda and table salt and use the solution to clean your silver. Wipe it dry with a muslin cloth.

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Clean silver with toothpaste to get great shiny results

Clean silver with toothpaste to get impressive, shiny results

Toothpaste makes our teeth shine and so it can also give our silver some of it. Use cotton to apply some white toothpaste to your silverware and rub until all the tarnish comes off! How easy was that!

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Citrus juice:

½ cup lemon juice

½ cup lime juice

2 tablespoons of table salt

Make a paste by combining all the ingredients and apply it evenly to your tarnished silver. Wait for a minute and wash off with cold water.

 Aluminium foil:

Line a pan with aluminium foil and fill it with cold water and a tablespoon of salt. Now place the silver in the pan making sure it is completely immersed. The ion-exchange will spark a molecular reaction and that will polish the silver.

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Vinagar solution for cleaning tarnished silver

Recipe for vinegar solution to clean tarnished silver

The oldest trick in the book of “how to polish anything” is to clean it with white vinegar. White vinegar is a natural bleaching agent and it can clean any metal with 5 minutes tops. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with some baking soda and salt and use it to clean your silverware.

If all else fails or you are too lazy to whip up any of these recipes, you may use store-bought silver polish for best results.

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