How To Rediscover The Real You


We all have busy lives. Wait, haven’t you heard this line somewhere? Such phrases have become a part of our daily conversations and we use fancy terms like ‘work-life balance’ and ‘hectic lifestyle’ to describe or justify the fact that we’re working late. But do you realize what this ‘hectic lifestyle’ is doing to you? Apart from restricting you from chilling with your family and friends, and having a major effect on your health and wellbeing, it also takes away any trace of positivity left in your life. Even though you might say that you’re tired of the negativity around you, what you don’t realize is that the negativity isn’t around you but it’s within you. Yeah, you heard me. All the while that you were toiling away working long hours and immersing yourself in work, you were losing out on who you really are.

In such a scenario, the best and the most transformative thing you could ever do, is to remember who you really are. I don’t mean the you who you think you are, or the one defined by the roles you play; nor the you who is driven by fear, insecurity, and needs. I mean the real you – the pure, precious, undamaged, and bloody undefended you.

Do what makes you happy and don't give in to negativity around you

Do what makes you happy and don’t give in to negativity around you

Do you have the courage to find your way back to yourself? If yes, scroll down…

Recognize yourself: Firstly, don’t sweat about the fact that you’ve lost yourself in the crowd. You’re not dead yet, so calm down and make a firm resolve of letting all the negativity go away from you. Don’t bother about how you would get there; you’ll know when you do.

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Join a dance class or do something you did in happier times

Join a dance class or do something you did in happier times

Find your happiness: Look back and think of the time you were happiest. Remember the things you did, or had that made you happy. Was it an old song? Was it a crazy karaoke night with your friends, or a special dish that your mom cooked only for you? Do those things again! The sillier you get, the happier you’ll be.

Open your eyes (and ears, and all other senses!): Instead of being in the auto-pilot mode, pay close attention to what happens around you. Don’t just move through each day like a zombie, but find things around you that bring you joy. If you can’t bring back an old interest, why not find a new one! Catch the newest movie with your best friends or a date; join a hobby class – maybe you still have some of the flexibility that you had in high school.

Look at the brighter side of things in life

Look at the brighter side of things in life

Look for both positives and negatives: While you’re seeking positivity, keep an eye on any negativity lurking around. If you have a grumpy day, notice what made you grumpy in the first place. Was it a person or a particular remark by your boss? Are you simply in a bad mood or is it PMS? Notice anything and everything that’s negative and make it a point to stay away from it.

Write in a journal or a diary: At the end of every day, recollect the day’s events and jot them down in a journal or a diary. You can make this a fun activity and name it, ‘Mission – discovering the real me’. You’ll notice that by writing down your day’s events and general thoughts, day after day, surprises and clues will begin to show up on the page. You’ll know exactly what you love and what you despise, which means, you’ve already started getting to know yourself again.

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Listen to your body: Last but not the least, listen to your body. It will tell you what resonates most with the real you and when you’ve gone off your path. It will help you know right from wrong by giving you signs. Ask yourself, are you feeling alright today? And you’ll get all your answers!

As you follow each and every aforementioned aspect with a little bit of faith in yourself, you’ll discover more about you each day. Don’t be amazed by the experiences that life sends your way, it’s all your karma!

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