How To Remove Wrinkles From Clothes Without An Iron!


Who would want to go out looking like a shriveled up raisin? Confused? I’m talking about your clothes! Walking with un-ironed clothes is the biggest fashion faux pas one could think of. But for those of you who find ironing a huge pain or those who don’t have easy access to a clothes iron, don’t sweat! Here are some great ways to remove wrinkles from clothes without using an iron!

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A flat iron can iron clothes as well as a regular iron can,  remove wrinkles from clothes,

A flat iron can iron clothes as nicely as a regular iron can

Use a flat hair iron: As crazy as it may sound, this trick actually works wonders (especially when it comes to the smaller, difficult to reach areas). Believe it or not, our grandmothers straightened their hair with a regular clothes iron so why can’t we fix our clothes with a hair iron!

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Toss your clothes in the dryer: This trick is also great for times when you are in a hurry and have no time to iron your work clothes properly. Simply toss your dry garments with a few damp dryer sheets or a damp handkerchief and run it on medium for 10-15 minutes. Voila! No wrinkles!

Use a hot pot to iron your clothes,  remove wrinkles from clothes,

Use a hot pot to iron your clothes

Use a deep vessel or a pot: As crazy as it may sound, the deep bottomed pots and  pans you own can do a good job of removing the wrinkles from your clothes when there is no electrical supply or your iron stops functioning at the last minute!

Tuck them under the mattress: Roll up your wrinkled garment like a shawarma and tuck it under your mattress for at least an hour. Remove it after an hour and your wrinkles should be gone.

Wrinkle releasing spray can also do a good job of making your clothes look more presentabnle,  remove wrinkles from clothes,

Wrinkle releasing spray can also do a good job of making your clothes look more presentable

Wrinkle-smoothening sprays: The market is flooded with many products that promise to wipe off wrinkles not only from your face but also from your clothes! Use a wrinkle-smoothening spray to get rid of unwanted clothes wrinkles. If you can’t find a spray in the market, make one at home! Mix one part white vinegar in 3 parts water and spray it on your clothes. Let it air dry and your garment will look good as freshly laundered! A bonus point is that it will make your clothes softer!

Steam: If you never understood the idea of a steam iron, you will now. Hang your clothes in the bathroom when you go for a hot shower and the steam that fills up the washroom will smoothen out the wrinkles in no time!

Use a kettle: If you don’t want to fill up a bathroom with steam, try using a tea-kettle to steam the places on your clothes that are wrinkled. It works the same way as the shower technique.

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So there you have it! Weren’t these tricks to remove wrinkles from clothes absolutely great to save time and extra effort?

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