How To Say Sorry To Your Loved One In A Special Way


Everyone makes mistakes in life that they aren’t happy about, it’s obviously unintentional. You’re trying to apologize for the mistake you committed, but simply saying sorry, at times, just isn’t enough. Now you sit and ponder as to what to do. How do you apologize? How to say sorry in a special way? If you are in such a dilemma, here are a few creative ways you can say sorry to your loved one. By doing this, the other person will know that you actually thought out-of-the-box and put in effort to let them know you really mean it. Be it your friend, family or lover, these creative ways will definitely work.

Sorry book

Make a scrap-cum-sorry book apologizing to the person you hurt. In the book, ensure you dedicate every page by saying why you love that person the most and why you would want them to forgive you.

Take them out

Leave your loved one an invitation to a restaurant or a movie theatre. You could leave the invite either on the bed or on the dining table. Make sure you get them a nice outfit to go with the lovely evening you have planned for them.

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Sticky Notes

sticky notes

Using sticky notes to apologize also works.

Sticky notes can also be used to say sorry to a person. Write down why you love the person the most and stick it on their pillow or desk or work table. If you want, you can also stick it all around the house. You can go to the extent of sticking it on the bathroom mirror too. Ensure that these notes are as funny as possible, and can make them smile.

Food also helps

Food is a great way to apologize to your loved one. Bake him something he/she likes and use the icing to write I’m sorry on top of the cake. You can even order a pizza and rearrange the pepperoni pieces to spell out “I’m sorry”.

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Make a video

Make a YouTube that shows how sorry you are and that you love that person very much. Tell them in that video how you will make it up to them. You could also make a song for them, that shows how sorry you are and that you’re the best thing that ever happened to them.

Cuddle them

cuddle them

Cuddling is one way to bring a smile on your loved one’s face.

When your significant other is still mad at you, one thing that works every time (even for me) is cuddling them. And by cuddle I don’t mean the normal one you give your friends; cuddle your partner by sitting on their lap and don’t leave them till they are happy again.

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Now that you know how to say sorry in a special way, it’s time you go out there and do your best to reconcile and make your loved one smile again. All the best :)

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