How to seduce your man in a jiffy


‘What is so tough in seducing a man? Just touch ‘Mr. Winkie’ and he shoots up like a rocket in no time!’

Many women think that it is an easy job to turn on their man. Well, this is true only when compared to women; otherwise, men too need seductive moves to be turned on. Be it biting his ears, or stripping in front of him; think innovatively to get him into the mood. If it is as easy as touching his ‘hot dog’, he might as well turn you on by directly touching your genitals. Make an attempt to be creative so that he doesn’t lose interest after a point of time.

Here are some ideas that can help you to gradually turn him on.

Dirty messages


Be dirty while texting him or emailing him. You can also avoid gadgets by simply leaving a dirty message on the bathroom mirror written with your bold red lipstick (to make it sexy). You can write messages like, ‘I am watching porn’ or ‘This bra doesn’t fit anymore’. Watch him rush to the bedroom to see you after this.

Shower moments


Make sure he forgets his towel or dare him to have his shower without latching the door. While he is showering, walk inside and run your fingers on his bare chest while you hug him from behind. When he reaches for your hands, leave the bathroom giving a sexy look right through his eyes. After this, watch him leave his shower immediately to throw you in the bed for an amazing quickie.

Breakfast table


If you are a couple who eats quick breakfast, insist on a proper meal for the day. Sit opposite to him and eat your sandwich seductively while he watches you and longs to be that sandwich. You can also do under-table tricks. Run your toe over his pants towards his inner thighs but don’t touch his little guy. Just when you make him long for you to reach a little more, get up and walk away. By doing this, a quickie before leaving to office is guaranteed.




When you are back home after work, remove your clothes seductively in front of him. If you are wearing a shirt, unbutton one at a time slowly. If you are wearing a dress, you can ask him to unzip it from behind as you give him a slow lap dance. Now, which man can resist any further?

You can make him long for you by indulging in these without allowing him to respond for the entire day. After keeping him waiting for the whole day, watch him pounce on you with full energy at night. Now, that’s how you turn on your man.

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