How to stop playing the blame game


Whenever something negative happens to you, there is some deep lesson concealed in it. Many of us tend to blame others and most often loved ones, when things go wrong in our lives. We must understand that there will be a point when our loved ones will be able to take it no more and reach a saturation point that may jeopardize our relationships. There are always ways to deal with the problems we face. Let us look at a few ways in which we can abstain from blaming others and understand situations better:

Blame games can jeopardize your relaionship

Blame games can jeopardize your relaionship

Admit that you have contributed to creating the problem

Understand that admitting your involvement in a problem cuts down the problem in half. Blaming others will only make things offensive. Instead, try admitting what you did wrong as well, to make it easier for others to admit their mistake.

Review the situation          

Try to view situations from a different perspective. Look into what has happened from your loved one’s eyes. You will recognize intentions more clearly and be in a better position to forgive and forget a matter rather than amplifying it by blaming someone.

Search for the lesson to be learnt

Instead of incessantly blaming others, try to point out what you need to learn from a situation. This will help build on your personality rather than beating on someone else’s. Blaming someone may prove you right, but it is never going to win you a stronger personality. It may tickle your ego but you will never change yourself.

Let go of your attachment to the problem

Sometimes we over-emphasize a problem and cause stress to our minds. Let go of your attachment to the problem. Blaming someone for a problem you have is only going to make you think more and more about it. Letting it go will be easier than blaming someone continuously.

Blaming others may stroke your ego

Blaming others may stroke your ego

If you are having issues with blaming others, study how you have been reacting to situations impulsively. Correct this behaviour and learn to take your time and analyze a situation and you won’t find too many people to blame.

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