How to survive long distance relationships


Dealing with long distance relationship is the toughest; to talk without seeing and to feel without touching is hard enough to imagine. Though phone calls and video chatting are options among other technological solutions, nothing has been found to compensate ‘physical touch’. On a normal day, most married couples wake up with a ‘good morning kiss’, meet at the shower, get to work, return home by hugging each other and end the day with cuddling; while, couples who are not married go for a date and spend quality time with each other. But, the scenario is totally different for couples who are far away from each other; they begin and end the day by themselves. “We don’t want to give up on our relationship. Moreover, he seems to be the right guy for me. I know it seems tough, but, nothing is difficult with his presence in my life. We always feel new when we meet after two months; so it’s good for me”, smiles Meeta, 23.

Amidst people who give up easily and end their relationship, there are a few couples who make an attempt to make their long distance relationship work. If you are currently miles away from your partner, here are a few tips that will help you to survive the distance.


Before you are separated by distance, it is important for the two of you to write down your expectations. You cannot obviously rely on technology throughout your relationship; therefore, honestly write down what you expect from your partner. Whether you want to meet up once in every two months or at least one compulsory phone call a day; write whatever pops in your head (but, of course, the practically applicable ones). Discuss your plans with each other and come to a mutual conclusion.

Don’t let the conversations die

When it is difficult for a couple who live under the same roof to talk to each other, imagine your plight. Therefore, it is mandatory to talk to your partner on a daily basis. This does not mean you nag him with a phone call once in every two hours. Choose to call each other either in the morning or night. Talk about your day-to-day work or how your day went by. You can also text each other or use any of the several apps that help you to update your partner instantly. Show love to each other with words like, “I miss you” or “If you were here, I would have given you my special hug”.

Make use of your freedom

Everyone must have spent some lone time before entering a relationship. So, make use of this opportunity to get yourself some ‘me time’. Being apart from each other can be difficult, but, it allows you to grow as an individual. Visit you parents, go for a movie alone or hang out with your good old friends. In this way, you can overcome the feeling of missing your partner as well as enjoy your independence.

Spice it up

Though sexual intercourse is off the table, you can still try and revive your love for each other. This is when creativity comes in handy. You can indulge in naughty talks, dirty phone sex or send sexy photos to each other. By putting in extra efforts, you can keep the excitement in your relationship alive.

Faith matters

Because you are dealing with long distance issues, it gives you no reason to behave abnormal. By abnormal, I mean things like demanding your partner to send real time photos to check his whereabouts, or calling up somebody else to verify your partner’s claim, etc. In any long distance relationship, the biggest element is trust. If you do not trust each other, the relationship will not be able to sustain for long.

Good luck!


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