How To Take Care Of Artificial Nails


Have trouble growing your nails? Or Want a quick fix because you are going somewhere special? For this, getting yourself a set of artificial acrylic nails is your next best pick to natural, well-polished nails. Artificial nails are affordable; and that is the reason more and more women are opting for them. But, improper care of fake nails could cause harm to the nails you already possess. So, in case you’re planning to, or already sport artificial nails, here is a quick look on how to get the best out of your acrylic nail experience:

Acrylic nails

Take care of them as you would do for your real nails. They shouldn’t be used for hard labour like opening heavily-sealed packages or tins. This will lead to painful breakage.

Keep them dry at all times. Do think water and acrylic mix. The combination not only leads to bacteria and fungi but also causes lifting. So, after every time you use water; better dry your nails with a towel thoroughly.

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap to kill germs. Bacteria mark the death of acrylic nails, because they discolour and deteriorate them, causing longstanding or permanent damage which means it will prolong.

You will cause yourself more trouble if you glue down lifted artificial nails. You should instead prepare your nail for an enhancement by cleansing it.

Each night before sleeping, swab your fake nails with alcohol. It will help cleaning your nails of any dirt or bacteria and any kind of infection.

Avoid removing fake nails on your own. But if you still want to do so at home, you can take them off by soaking them in a nail polish remover that contains acetone; but this could be dangerous also; so better visit the salon or a nail spa.

Visit the nail salon immediately for a fix, if you accidentally chip off part of the fake nail or lift the bed. A nail technician will be able to positively advise you whether you need to completely remove the acrylic nail and/or visit a doctor and do not experiment or use your own brains in that.

Acrylic nails can be a bed of fungus if not maintained well

Acrylic nails can be a bed of fungus if not maintained well

Warning for all:

Yellowish or green nail bed discolouration is a sign of fungi if coupled with persistent nail pain. Visit your doctor immediately for further diagnosis and medication and do the needful.

Clip the fake nail or file it down in order to prevent a nail pull, at the first sign of a snag.

Use a 240-grit file, if you want to shorten your fake nails. Never use nail clippers, as they may shatter your nail enhancements and cause unwanted damage.

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