How to take care of your contact lenses


We most often underestimate gifts that have been given to us for free. Our eyes are a gift that we take for granted. Even those with spectacles and contact lenses haven’t taken heed. Your vision is already deteriorating! Take care of it! If you have contact lenses, the type of lens you have determines how you care for it. Disposable extended-wear soft lenses need the least care, and conventional soft lenses need extensive care. To avoid vision-threatening complications, you must carefully follow directions for lens care.

Do not wash your lenses with direct tap water

Do not wash your lenses with direct tap water

Washing hands

You must wash and rinse your hands before handling contact lenses. Use a mild soap. Soaps with perfumes and oils leave residue on your hands which may transfer onto your contact lenses while handling. This may cause eye irritation or blurred vision.

Drying hands

Drying your hands is one more important step. Dry your hands with a lint free towel to make sure you don’t get any lint onto your contact lenses as this will severely irritate your eyes.


If you use products like hair spray, gels or creams, make sure you apply this before putting your lenses on. This way you can wash your eyes and prevent any products from staying in your eyes all day under your lenses.


It is a good idea to keep your nails short and well shaped to avoid scratching your lenses or eyes while putting your lenses on.

Disinfectant solutions

Disinfectant solutions prescribed by the doctor must be used

Disinfectant solutions prescribed by the doctor must be used

Always use disinfectant solutions, eye drops or enzymatic cleaners that have been prescribed by your eye care professional.

Washing your lenses

Never use tap water directly on lenses, and never put contact lenses in your mouth to rinse them. Microorganisms can live in distilled water, causing infection or sight damage. Clean your contact lenses by rubbing it gently with your index finger in the palm of your hand. Most multipurpose solutions don’t have “No Rub” on their labels anymore. Lightly rubbing your contact removes surface build-up.

Prescribed time

Wear your lenses for the prescribed time only. Your eye care professional will prescribe you a time frame within which you need to keep your lenses on. Do not ignore this. Do not sleep with your lenses on as this can cause permanent damage.



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