How to take care of your eyes


Have you ever stopped to consider that your eyesight is one of the greatest gifts you have? No camera in this world is as efficient as your eyes and you must take care of it like all precious gifts you get. Instead, what do we do? We watch TV for long hours of the day, read books lying down, sit in front of the computer for three hours at a stretch; basically, we are simply stressing out and straining our eyes. Our eyes are extremely delicate, so we must be extra careful when it comes to maintaining eye health. Ignoring trifling problems in its initial stages could lead to serious illnesses as we age; yes, I’m talking about cataract.  In case you don’t want it when you’re in ripe old age, here are reminders, to make sure you cherish the gift that God has given you.

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UV protective sunglasses

UV sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun

UV sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun

Polarized lenses are essential! Don’t just buy anything that you find attractive in markets and small shops. Exposure to UV rays has been linked to many harmful eye problems, so make sure you buy proper protective eyewear.

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Computer screens

Do not stress your eyes by staring at your computer screen for hours on end. Make sure you take a break every one hour and look around the place or at a plain wall instead of concentrating on a harmful radiation-emitting device for too long.


Avoid watching television for long hours

Avoid watching television for long hours

The age-old advice of not watching TV for too long, which all parents give, is actually worthwhile. Watching TV for more than 2 hours is harmful not only for our eyes but for our brain as well. Make sure you cut down on your TV hours and spend more time bonding with your family.

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Dim light

Reading in dim light strains the eyes

Reading in dim light strains the eyes

Reading, watching television and working on your computer/laptop in dim light can affect your eyes to a great level. Most of the times that’s the main reason why younger people need to start wearing glasses. So make sure your room is well lit when doing these things.

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Bright light exposure

Do not stare right into bright light as this can damage your retina. Exposure to direct light without protection may weaken the sensitive muscles in our eyes and the strain thus caused, may damage it in the long run.


Smoking increases the risk and also accelerates the development of cataracts and optic nerve damage. That’s one more reason to quit this spiteful habit!


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