How To Take Care Of Your Tattoo


Since a long time you’ve been planning to get yourself inked, and are now almost there! You have your appointment fixed with the tattoo artist, and are gung ho about getting inked for life. You want everyone to appreciate your body art, and also wish to retain its glamour for a long time to come. So, pay attention to these post-tattoo skin care tips or your new-found style statement could end up being a sore statement.

The redness is quite normal for a freshly done tattoo

The redness is quite normal for a freshly done tattoo

Cleaning and moisturising your tattoo

You cannot let water and soap come in contact with your tattoo. However, cleaning it with an antiseptic is a must. This does not mean you cannot bathe. You just need to apply a thick layer of moisturiser (Calendula and Silver X are usually a tattoo artist’s favourite recommendations) on your tattoo before you go to bathe.  Apply a healing moisturiser, suggested by your tattoo artist, on the inked area at least four or five times a day.

No sweat!

Flaunting is obvious as soon as you get a new tattoo done! However, excessive sun exposure can cause sweating, which in turn can make your tattoo fade sooner. To make sure your tattoo maintains its colour, you should always cover it with a sun block having an SPF of more than 15.

Handle with care                            

You must be caring a damn about everything else, but do not include you tattoo in that list. Make sure you treat it gently. A tattoo, during its initial days, is synonymous to nothing but an injured skin. Avoid swimming while it is fresh because your delicate skin will be more prone to infection. Sometimes the inked area gets too itchy, but do not scratch it, else you will suffer from loss of pigmentation, and that area will not give you the desired depth of colour.

Now that you are aware of the post-tattoo care tips, do not be lenient with yourself once you get it done!



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