How To Throw A Bachelor Party


So your friend finally decides to tie the knot with who he assumes to be his Ms. Right and he expects you to stand beside him as his Best Man. With great honor comes great responsibility and it is your duty to throw a brilliant and unforgettable bachelor party for the groom-to-be. Here are five ways that show us how to throw a bachelor party that’s fun, kinky and outrageous at the same time!

Stripper at a bachelor party, how to throw a bachelor party,

Hire a stripper for your friend’s bachelor party to add a fun element!

 The Usual 

Hiring a stripper is the most common thing to do on your friend’s bachelor party. But before you hire the strippers, make sure you ask him for his permission with regards to the lap dance, whether he is comfortable with it or not. If you want to do something really out of the box, then you could maybe place the stripper inside a large cake and as soon as the cake is delivered to him she can pop out of the cake topless or not (Now that all depends on how much you have paid the stripper). You could perhaps do all of this in a fancy hotel room for obvious reasons. Who in the world would want to get caught by cops in a shady hotel? Imagine the groom and you behind bars just a day before the wedding. Now that is not the type of bachelor’s party you would want to give, however in a way it would be unforgettable ;)

 It’s Goa Time, Baby

Group of people playing at a casino, how to throw a bachelor party,

If you have an elastic budget, then head over to Goa for a smashing casino bachelor party!

Mostly, a majority of the bachelor parties end up in Vegas, but why do you need to go to Vegas when you already have one right here. You got that correct, we are talking about Goa. Goa is like the Vegas for India. Feel like gambling? No problem, there are cruise ships that are available for this. If you’re looking to paint the town red, you can do so with the variety of nightclubs present in the area. The most important thing is the booze in Goa is absolutely cheap, so you guys can drink till you drop. Also, if you guys are looking to have a good dinner there are many restaurants that can satisfy those taste buds.

Beer Pong Time!

Beer pong competition, how to throw a bachelor party,

Have a beer pong competition at the bachelor party for added fun element

A little friendly competition can bring out the best in friends. Sports are a great way to get the gang together and honor the groom. Beer pong tournament is the best game one can have for their best mate’s bachelor party. Why wouldn’t it be fun; it involves drinking a lot of beer and getting sloshed out of your head.

Road Trip

If you want to do something other than the cliche strip club-like party then go on a road trip with a few of your friends

If you want to do something other than the cliche strip club party then go on a road trip with a few of your friends

Start with a destination in mind or simply pile the gang into the car and see where the road takes you. Either way, it’s bound to be a memorable trip. You just need a full tank of gas, a few good traveling companions, and a good mix of music. Usually, on occasions like this, you kidnap the groom put him in the car and ride off into the sunset. (We don’t mean it in a romantic way!)

House Party!

House parties aren’t that common. So if you want to plan something new, what you can do is instead of using balloons for decorations use condoms. Blow them and hang them from the ceiling or leave them on the floor, feel free to do whatever you want to with it. LOL! You can also buy a pair of bras and panties for the groom and make him wear it the entire night till the party is done.

It is always fun to plan out your best friend’s bachelor party, but be careful you don’t go too overboard with it. You have to remember that one day you too are going to get married and your friends will throw a bachelor party for you so if you don’t want it to get too nasty or out of control then…

P.S: Don’t forget to get the sex toys like a mouth gag, a whip and handcuffs. Make sure that you come up with games that centre around these toys for added fun.

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