How To Use A Pumice Stone To Remove Body Hair


Pumice Stone To Remove Body Hair

Are you aware of the wonders of the pumice stone? A porous, oval stone that is a blessing for your skin! If you are thinking of alternatives for hair removal creams and waxing, then this is the most natural way to get the job done. Let me tell you how to use a pumice stone to remove body hair.

1)    A pumice stone is generally porous and gray in colour. You can easily find it in your nearest grocery or medical store. Some of them come with attached rubber grips for convenience.

2)    The pumice stone can be quite harsh for body parts with sensitive skin, like your face or bikini area. It works best on your legs, arms, back and shoulders.

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3)    If you have a rash or have extra sensitive skin, then you can drop the idea of rubbing a pumice stone over your skin. It will irritate your skin more.

4)    Before you use the pumice stone, it is recommended that you wash your body with warm water. This will soften up your body hair and make it easy to scrub it off with the stone.

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5)    Use a body wash or soap on the areas where you want to use the pumice stone. This will make the exfoliation more effective and prevent any kind of rash or skin infection.

6)    Gently rub the stone against your skin using small circular motions. Do not rub the stone up and down on your skin as that will irritate it. Start from down to up; for instance, if you are removing arm hair, start from the wrist.

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7)    Once done scrubbing, rinse your body with water, pat dry and apply a mild moisturizer later. This will keep your skin soft and supple for longer.

8)    Clean the pumice stone using water and soap to remove the dead skin and hair stuck to it. This will keep the stone ready for the next use.

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9)    Now all you got to do is be patient. Hair removal using a pumice stone is a gradual process. You will need to exfoliate your skin thrice a week to see desired results.

Now that you know how you can use pumice stone to remove body hair, simply follow the steps to get super soft and lovable skin!

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