Now colour your hair easily whenever there’s an occasion


Some people like colouring their hair, but, are afraid of the procedures. Worries like applying bleach to the hair, colouring with unfamiliar brands and the unaffordable price are common. While some women like to colour their hair permanently, others like it for temporary purposes. Sometimes, to have hair colour even after an occasion can be annoying. This was the reason why hair chalk compacts were introduced in the markets. Though it is not yet available in the Indian market, it can be purchased online with discounts and offers at a reasonable price. They are available in various colours as well.


You can choose the pattern in which you want to colour your hair

If you are a newbie to this technique, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to use it.

You will need:

Hair chalk compacts (desired colours)


Water spray

Step-by-step instructions:


First choose the section of hair that you desire to colour. Be it just strands or chunks of it; separate it by clipping the rest of your hair together.


It is important for you to dampen your hair before you apply the colour. Use an old spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray enough water to slightly dampen that section of your hair.


Now place the compact on the hair and press it with your forefinger as you drag it in a downward direction. To get a darker shade of the colour, repeat the step.


You can also straighten or curl your hair after applying colour. This is a onetime use and the colour vanishes after a proper hair wash.


Now flaunt your hair with the desired colours for different occasions.

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