How To Wear Scarves Of Different Shapes and Sizes


One of the most comfortable yet fashionable clothing accessories is a scarf. The best thing about scarves is that they come in different colours, shapes and sizes, thereby giving you the liberty to pick one as per your preference! But the challenge arises when you have to wear it. Obviously you wouldn’t wear your scarves in the same old boring way every day.  Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? Besides, you can’t style a maxi scarf the same way as you would style a ribbon scarf, right? A square scarf won’t give you the folds and cowls that a long scarf does. This means you need to learn to wear each scarf (of different shapes and sizes) in many different ways. Fret not; that’s exactly why I’m here!

Scroll down to find some amazing tutorials on how to wear scarves in different ways around your neck or over your head.

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How to wear a rectangular scarf:

The rectangular scarf is the most worn type of scarf with many men and women using it to protect themselves from heat, pollution or just simply for some style! Check out how Evelina wears her rectangular scarf in 10 different, chic and stylish ways!


How to wear a square scarf:

This type of a scarf is very popular in the Middle East and Saudi Arabian countries. But if it’s stylish, people all over the world would love to wear it, right? A square scarf is smart, effortless to style and looks amazing when worn bundled up. This video tutorial by Wow How shows how to style a single big square piece of fabric. Try it out!


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How to wear an oblong scarf:

Does it ever happen with you that you are attracted to a cute little scarf at a store and you purchase it right away, only to come home to realize that it not broad enough at all! L Yes, we’ve all been impulsive, but there’s no reason to worry! Tie Rack and Wow How show us exactly how to wear scarves of this unique shape.


How to wear a head scarf or hijab:

More and more women over the world are becoming hijabis. Hijab means dressing modest and keeping your whole body, your head and your hair well covered. If you’re a hijabi who’s looking for different ways to style her Hijab (head scarf) or if you’re simply looking for ways to wear a scarf on your head, watch Ruba show you how to do it in this video!


Weren’t these scarves and styles simply amazing! A huge shout-out to our reader Swati Sharma for requesting this article using our Request Box feature! :)

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