How You Can Impress The Parents Of Your New Friend


Most parents are easy to impress, but there are a few who make that first meet a very difficult situation. By any chance if you feel you will fall into a situation where your new friend’s parents make your first meeting a difficult one, then it is time to make sure that all the cards are stacked up in your favour when the time comes to meet them. If you plan well ahead, you will have the best chance of making a good impression in front of your new friend’s parents. Here are 6 ways how you can impress the parents of your new friend.

Dress Appropriately

dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately can also impress your friend’s parents.

Irrespective of whether you’re a guy or girl, don’t wear clothes that are too revealing (if you know what I mean), because your friend’s parents might think of you as someone who is cheap. Ensure that you dress decently as it will create a good impression in their minds. Also, when you dress well, it shows that you respect yourself. Thus, the parents’ respect for you automatically increases.

Manners And Etiquette

When you meet your friend’s parents for the first time, ensure you are polite to them and treat them with respect. Use your manners when you talk to them. Instead of calling them by their first name, it would be better to refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. or uncle and aunty.

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Personal Hygiene

Remember to comb your hair nicely and put on one of your best perfumes. Personal hygiene is a must; it should be a hundred percent. Don’t go to meet your friend’s parents looking like a rag with unkempt hair and smelling of body odour. It’s a real disgrace.

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Socialize With The Parents

Don’t be an introvert in front of them, be the exact opposite. You have a right to voice your opinions but don’t be too loud or outspoken if your opinion doesn’t match theirs. Use their house as a conversation starter. Tell them they have a beautiful house, and ask them about a few objects in their house. You could ask about its history or from where they picked it up. However, don’t go too overboard, because it will reduce your chances of impressing them.

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Avoid The Use Of Swear Words

It’s advisable not to cuss or speak abruptly when you’re in your friend’s house. Most parents hate it when they hear their child’s friend using cuss words. Even if you hear the parents use profanity in front of you, don’t indulge in the act.

Be Comfortable Around The Parents

be comfortable with the parents

It’s good to be yourself in front of your new friend’s parents.

Once you settle in your friend’s house, you’ll know the boundaries and how much you can be yourself. Go with the flow and maintain your polite attitude, it will benefit you, and your friend’s parents will definitely have a good impression of you.

Trying to impress the parents of your new friend is not rocket science, but if you follow these few simple steps, things can’t go wrong. Trust me, they will respect and love you.

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