How Your Body Changes After Having Se>< For The First Time


Changes You Go Through After Having Sex

Losing virginity for most of us is pretty special. You might have a certain idea about how your first time would be. Do not lose hope or panic if it doesn’t go as planned. First times are meant to be awkward but they’re memorable anyway. What you might not know is that a female body tends to have certain changes after she has sex for the first time. Now, these changes differ from person to person. How you react to these changes will also differ. If you speak to close friends or your sibling about it, they will have different opinions and experiences of their own. So before you jump to any conclusion, you should know that different bodies react differently to sex.

So, I’m here giving you an idea of the kind of changes your body will go through after you lose your virginity.

Physical changes

There is a chance that your body will go through some or a lot of physical changes after you’ve given your “flower” to someone.

-Your breasts may hurt and your other areas may feel sore. Do not panic, it is all very natural.
-You may feel bloated. For example, your tummy may feel bigger than usual, your thighs, and even your butts may feel wider. These changes tend to occur when your body is preparing you to be pregnant.
-If you’ve had unprotected sex, you can get pregnant. So, it’s better to get yourself checked.
-If you have a hymen, it is likely to tear and a little bleeding might occur. The bleeding part does not happen to every woman.
-You may also experience your breasts being more sensitive than usual. It can happen to the rest of your body too. It is likely to become sensitive to touch.
-Your period may come in late, nausea, and other such symptoms may occur that could be similar to the signs of a pregnancy. Get yourself checked anyway.
-It is also possible that you might not experience any such changes in your body.

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Emotional Changes

First times being special, a woman is sure to go through some emotional changes along with the physical.

-You will possibly become more affectionate towards your partner, especially if it is the one you lose your virginity to.
-You will keep thinking about that person over and over in your head which will result in the lack of sleep.
-Fatigue or tiredness is natural because of the lack of sleep.
-Excitement and nervousness are natural even after you’ve had sex. You might also experience some guilt of doing it.

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If you have troubles dealing with these issues by yourself, speak to someone you’re close to. So, these are some of the changes of the “afterglow”. If you see any of these minute changes in your body, don’t worry, you’re going to be fine.

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