Ice Breakers At Work


Just joined a new workplace? Starting a conversation will definitely be difficult! It is for every newbie. Here are some effective conversation starters that are the perfect ice breakers.

Pay attention around

If you let the opposite person talking to you know that you are genuinely interested in his talks, that is a feel good factor and also aids in easy future conversations. You can always ask your colleague as to what did they appreciate in the previous day’s presentation; and trust me, it isn’t a bad idea to put up this question!

Put up right questions

Putting up questions adeptly and also the right questions, is the key to make new friends at your new work atmosphere. Their tryst with you would be limited to a personal introduction. Politely ask about things which you think will interest your co-workers. You can ask a guy about the last night match score or you can start talking to your female counterpart by asking about her beautiful dress.

Show your sense of humour

Who doesn’t love a jaw-aching joke? Humour is the best way in which you can break the ice. You crack an apt joke to get rid of the tension and work load around and make others also smile for a while or narrate a funny incident at the spur of the moment. The more people laugh along with your recount, the more you will want them to be friends with you.

An interesting conversation over food can never fail

An interesting conversation over food can never fail

Chat about food

Make the use the lunch time to the fullest as that is the time you can interact with most people. One very occasionally sits with an unknown personality in the cafeteria or sharing the table space with your colleagues. You can start to talk by defining how good or bad the cafeteria food is, to the best restaurants in the vicinity of your residence or even office. Between your mouthfuls, you would never be out of conversation starters.


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