Ideas to have secret places at home


Won’t it be exciting to have secret places at home that only you are aware of? Having a secret place to win every hide and seek game (only because your family couldn’t find you), to make out with your wife on occasions (every time you want to spice up the intimacy), to hide your secret college stuff (so that your children don’t have to know what kind of a brat you were), etc can totally be cool.

And, who said it is old fashioned? When every old fashioned idea has been modified to some sort of a contemporary style, this one can too. Here are ideas to have secret places at home.

Secret passages


Children love secret passages. Be it a secret entry in the hallway or in the dining hall, it is totally awesome and exciting to own one at home. You can set up a play corner for your child or have your carpenter tools in a secret room behind the staircase.

Secret rooms


Having a romantic set up that you can exclusively use only on your wedding anniversaries can be ideal. You don’t have to worry about your children walking into your room while you are indulging in sex because only you and your wife will be aware of this secret room.

Secret tiles


Secret tiles may be the best option to hide those magic spices that add extra taste to the food. In that way your family can enjoy the food and the special ingredient can still remain a secret.

Secret doors


Secret doors can be custom-made or purchased readymade. You can have such doors to lead yourself to the exit during times of emergencies.

Secret storage


How nice would it be if you had secret storage for all your porn or other secretive stuff that you don’t want others to lay their hands on?

Secret fireplaces


To own a fireplace and easily slide it open to play hide-and-seek with guests who are unaware of the secret hide-outs will definitely be fun.

Secret holes in floors


Secret holes in floors can come in handy to hide embarrassing pictures of your kindergarten days and to hide the Valentine’s Day gift you got as a surprise for your partner.

Secret corners


You can have secret corners near the doors to store party decors and other items that you will not be using very often.

Secret deck storage


You can store bulky furniture like an easy chair or other outdoor stuff in your secret deck storage before going for long vacations.


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