Importance of expressing your feelings


Suppression of your feelings can have adverse effects on your mentality. You must express yourself or you may risk the chances of harvesting bitterness. Expressing your feelings will make you feel free like never before and it helps clear things out. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t suppress your feelings:


People will start avoiding you

If you do not express your feelings to people due to fear of them, soon enough, they will fear you. People will see through your aloofness and conjure negative ideas as to why you are behaving that way. Eventually, you will be forced to wonder why people do not like you.

You will have a hard time getting along with people

You do not want to convey to people that you are unapproachable, but by suppressing your feelings, you may send this signal. If you aren’t open about your life, why would people want to be open to you about theirs?

It can lead to pent up frustration

Since you have not been opening up to people, tension between you and them builds up and you will not have a shoulder to lean on in times of actual need. When you cannot hide those feelings anymore, you may end up breaking down if such a situation arises. This can frustrate you severely.


You may have wanted your alone time for a while, but if this continues too long, then loneliness creeps in. As you build walls around your emotions and feelings, people will impulsively stay away from you. Life can become really empty if this happens.


The second most important need of man, after food, is that of social interaction. If you cannot fulfil this need then emotional stress can cause you severe damage. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your life an open book to one person at least. Share your feelings, express yourself, and don’t worry too much about consequences or how your friend/parent/sibling would think. If they judge you based on that, then you know that you have to start sharing it with someone else who you can trust!

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